Rant: sweethearts and darlings

Friday, December 25, 2009
Lately, as I now work in retail, the customers I serve puzzle me. Why? because They'd say something like "thank you darling" or "thanks sweetheart."

What's so wrong in being called darling or sweetheart you ask? Well, to begin with, I do appreciate the mannerism of 'thank you.' However, the fact that it's not only women, but men who say it too. Mostly they're people over 27. Wouldn't you find it kinda weird, especially if a man, who is maybe 30, wearing a white singlet (and most likely thongs), with a beard and a beer gut says "thanks sweetheart" as you give him back his change. TRUE STORY.

I'm the type of person who doesn't say darling or sweetheart or munchkins. I just prefer anonymous friendliness from a distance. No terms of endearment if I don't know you, thank you very much.

Another fact which irks me is when teachers say sweetheart or darling, especially if it's in an offhanded way. If you can't pay proper attention to what we're saying/doing/giving to you, then don't try to sugar coat your nonexistent attention span on us.


Friday, December 11, 2009
I have a long post coming up on this blog. I need to finish it up and edit it. It's edifying. It's about someone about to die.
I now have a real paying job at a nationwide retail outlet.
School's finished for the year. Woohoo!
I was nearly in a car accident (caused by the combination of bravechickens' learning driving status and her mother's fanatical driving...no mom, you're still awesome...)
I like to watch Oprah now.
I've discovered SO much of my homecity in the last few day compared to my whole lifetime. My homecity is COOL!
I've discovered the world of zines by an actually successful zine-maker. The guy looked like Adam from Mythbusters.
I'm addicted to Yahoo! Answers.
Hmmm, I also have a whole heap of book reviews to do as well.


000: I have a Prolapsed Hen

Thursday, December 10, 2009
^ What's cookin' good lookin'?

One of my lovely girls (lets call her Hen A) recently suffered from a very bad medical experience. This happens to cows, cats, dogs and humans too. I'm talking about prolpase. Wikepedia might just be too wordy. Here's a simple summed up version of the prolapse which happened to my hen:

A muscle popped out of my hen's butt. This muscle is found inside the coaca (anus/rectum-I don't know the difference) and aids in pushing the egg and poo out. Usually, it pops back in. But if a hen is too old, young, weak, obese or malnutritioned, this muscle stays out to catch the view from the backside of a chicken.

Gross much? Here is a picture of what a prolapse in a hen looks like. Warning: may cause squirming.

Oh, and another thing? She had maggots around her butt as well.

So...what did I do to fix her up?
  • Seperated Hen A from Hen B

  • Researched Hen A's medical emergency like a chickenlovin' loony non-stop.

  • Quarrantined Hen A into a cardboard box in laundry (much to my mother's chagrin).

  • After discovering the fact Hen A has prolpase, researched remedies.
  • Most effective remedy was... TO PUSH THE THING BACK IN.

  • After registering the shock, prepared equipment for Hen A's 'surgery' alongside with sibling.
  • Equipment included: 1 surgical mask, 1 pack of ear cleaning sticks, tea tree oil, white vinegar, apple cider, honey and disposable gloves.

  • Prepared laundry sink for operation table by filling up halfway with lukewarm water. Added drops of tea tree oil, vinegar and apple cider.

  • Cleaned Hen A's vent (butt area) up. SO GROSS AND SMELLY!

  • After butt cleanage, sibling and Bravechickens (BC) started on second stage of 'surgery.' REMOVING THE MAGGOTS. This task was completed by yours truly. Using ear cleaning sticks, maggots were removed, one by one, hour by hour. Bravechickens' patience, labour and love for Hen A was of the utmost degree.

  • Due to lack of hairdrying equipment, Hen A's vent was 'dehumidified' using a heater (in loungeroom).

  • Vent didn't complety dry up, which turned out to be a good thing due to the advising of a good Samaritan from America.

  • Remaining stray maggots were promptly removed.

  • *drumroll* BC placed her finger/s onto prolpase and pushed the muscle back into Hen A's bottom.

This all happened between 12am and 5am. A sleep diprived teen had actually become transformed into a pseudo-surgeon, working on her patient until the wee hours of the night to save her beloved chicken.

Continuously, for the next three days or so, I kept Hen A on maintainence. This means that I gave Hen A just enough food to keep her alive. I also had to keep Hen A in a dark area, so the girl won't go on to produce babies (eggs). Oh, and I did continue to push the prolpase back in a few times a day. And then slather the thing in honey (and sugar a few times as well).

Sadly, due to the fact that chickens can be dumb, have a pecking order and forget their mates, Hen A had been kept indoors for 72 hours, thus forcing a tough love approach by myself to re-introduce her to Hen B. I'd read on a forum that a mysteriously named blue spray would prevent her from pecking her prolapsed booty. So I made one, out of water, blue food colouring and some cornflour. Did it work? Hell no.

FINALLY though, on the sixth day after Hen A's diagnosis of icky prolapse, a miracle occured. HEN A'S BOTTOM WAS PROLAPSE FREE! YAY!

How did I feel? I felt happy and grateful. I've had my sweet gals for three years now (four years this February). I'd say they're about 60 or 70 in human years. I love them to bits. They're smart and gorgeous and 110% lovable.

P.S: Ugh, I know this post is riddled with typos, but I cannot be bothered nor do I have the time. :(

Fly in Fridge

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The artfully edited and caption (done by yours truly) just says: I've got hair on me bum, hehe!
It is unfortunate to be pestered with a fly. It is even more unfortunate to be pestered with three metallic green flies, who are the size of a plump sultana and live up to the onomatopoeia (have a go at spelling that!) given to their main mode of transport-flying in air-buzzzzzz.

Anywhoo, what happened was that as I was putting away the many items back into the refrigerator after dinner, a fly flew in. Hugely gross-as there are many items of food which are not covered, such as pieces of watermelon, and a salad (don't ask, it's normally one of the kid's job to cling wrap leftover food, but who cares, eh?). I tried to shoo it out. But it kept on buzzing into the cool white box. Then...it disappeared.

The question is, will I find it next time when I bite into a piece of watermelon?


Wednesday, November 25, 2009
Yesterday the year 12s at my school graduated. Pretty soon I will be too. To think that after 13 years of full time study, you'll leave the educational institution which you attended five days of the week, roughly 40 weeks a year is scary. To think that you'll leave the place which taught you so many things, academic and non-academic is scary. To think that the people who you grew up with, best friends, enemies or not, is scary. To leave the teachers who have praised, punished and encouraged you is scary. However, coming to terms with the fact that you're now an adult, stepping into the 'real world' where you have to fight for yourself, and grow older, is the scariest.

When you finish highschool, it's kinda like having the rug under you being pulled, I imagine. Up until finishing year 12, you have a real goal, a purpose. You can mindlessly live through each day, knowing you have to go to school, do the work given, come back home, complete homework and watch some tv or just surf the net. Your teachers tell you what you need to study for this or that, and its only petty things such as friendship problems or assignments which might cause slight stress.
But when you're at University/TAFE, or out in the workforce, you have to fend for yourself. You have to learn by yourself. You have to worry about your job/car/rent/etc..

My advice would be to enjoy yourself at school. I'm not endorsing the breaking of rules or not even trying to get As on school reports. I'm saying that appreciate the teachers and friends you have. Say hello to some kid younger than you, who you might or might now know. Just once, don't study for a test all night, instead watch some tv or do something fun. Put your head down and have a power nap in class or play a paper game with your friend if you're bored in class. Maybe even wear two different coloured socks to school one day, and not bother about the French homework you have.

The things I've mentioned above shouldn't be done on a daily basis though. Try your best at every subject, and apply yourself 110%. Only sometimes its ok to slack off for a while, just not always.

I won't always be a kid, nor will anyone else. Have fun, within the proper limits. Make memories which you can look back on and laugh about. Don't forget about all the people you've met along the way, and remember to learn from everywhere.

TOK much?


Monday, November 16, 2009

T-U-G is a newly launched brand from Singapore (a very technologically cool country with lots of Durains to eat!).
The graphics on the t-shirts are pretty awesome, and the picture of the one above is my favourite, 'cause it reminds me of Kiki Strike.
If you want to do an overseas prank call, here is what you should do. Keep in mind that for some countries you will need to have credit (use real life money to buy). But in most cases, methinks (or with VoIP at least) America, Australia and the UK are free.

1. Download a voice over IP software (such as VoIP Raider).
2. Find the number you want to call. Use online phone directories.
3. Find the country and area codes of the number you want to call.
4. Call the number and talk. Please DO NOT be rude or say anything too scary.

Note: your location CAN be traced through your IP address.

I DO NOT HOLD LIABILITY AND I WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE IF ANYTHING GOES WRONG OR IF YOU GET INTO TROUBLE. (i.e: you've called up a psycho serial killer who has escaped imprisonment, etc...)

Latest Obsession: Stickers!

Monday, October 19, 2009
I love stickers. Dude, I mean, who doesn't!? Even stickers on apples are cool (well, for me that is).

Anywhoo, I want free stickers. If anyone knows of any websites or companies who do give away free stickers, like skate or surf companies, please tell me. And by free I mean no postage or handling money to send stickers to Australia and no S.A.S.E required (Self Addressed and Stamped Envelopes). 'Cause if a company does say free stickers and then asks for postage money or SASEs, it's not free, is it?

Also, do publishing companies give out free stickers of the books they've printed?

So start sending links for FREE STICKERS my way! Yay!

Dusty lah. Sure ah? Yes lah.

Thursday, September 24, 2009
Above: circular Quay in a vision of orange.

Sydney, one of the largest cities of Australia, is suffering from a case of Dusty. There's been a very big duststorm, covering the city with red particles. 75 000 tonnes of it that is.

Click here for more.

Not so good news for the elderly and asthamatics I suppose. Maybe the aliens are behind this catastrophe? Seeing that the east coast of Australia has recently suffered from an earthquake, a dustrom and a bushfire.

Pop Art Ponies

Saturday, September 19, 2009
Chewbucca smilin' :)

Remember My Little Ponies? Those oh-so-cute fake haired and mostly in little-girl-friendly-colours? Well, A Finnish artist has decided to make something much more cooler woth a pink plastic pony and its purple hair. Mari Kasurinen uses these ponies as her canvas. She creates pop art with them. She has a whole collection of these awesome wonders.

Here (lah) are some sci-fi My Little Ponies.
(sorry, I couldn't find a slideshow/images of Mari's whole collection, and I'm too lazy to do so. Maybe some other time...)


Monday, August 3, 2009
I don't have any decent books to read. So I can't review about any either. :(
If you do know of any, please tell me. :D
I am considering of reading Harry Potter again.


Talented with words, Vanessa aka bloody awful poetry never ceases to make me Laugh out Loud. She rocks, and has been blogging for up to two years now. I am sure her replies will crack anyone up (apart from Prof. Severus Snape- who died).

Name: Vanessa
Screen name: bloody awful poetry
Blog Address: www.the-fly-saviour.blogspot.com

On Blogging

What does your screen name mean or stand for and why did you choose it?
It’s a piece of a lyric from a song by The Smiths called Frankly Mr. Shankly, and the whole thing goes something like ”I had no idea that you wrote poetry/I had no idea you wrote such bloody awful poetry”. There’s no particular reason why I chose it, except that I was really getting into The Smiths’ music right about then, and the week I started blogging was also the same week I finally decided to accept the fact that I’d never become a poet. Because the stuff I wrote was composed of a great deal of iambic suckage.

Why did you start blogging?
I honestly do not know. It was probably an unfortunate combination of boredom, vanity, and an innate tendency to jump headfirst onto bandwagons, which was mostly catalyzed by discovering that Grace had also made a home for herself on Blogger. But I’ve had over year of blogging under my proverbial belt now, and I’m still astonished that people not only read the nonsense I choose to post, but actually take time out of their lives to post comments. And then they come back for more of the same. I hope they’re not all sadomasochists, or simply humoring me to be polite. I can’t tell which is worse.

What do you aim to achieve through blogging?
You know, I’ve always felt that blogging was always a form of personal ego-stroking. Private journaling is one thing, but then to go one step further and assume that a bunch of strangers from all over the world would give a flying you-know-what regarding your opinions on nuclear war or your trip to the dentist or that time your pet pig did something funny or how gorgeous you think Jake Gyllenhaal is both ridiculous and utterly fascinating. I guess, to put it in a posh way, blogging is like a form of self-assertion as well as acknowledging the rights of others to have opinions, no matter how trivial the subject. It’s a mutual admiration society, it is. And I totally support this because one’s ego must always be kept nice and plump and healthy. Oh but my aim? Mainly so I have an excuse to post pretty pictures and have the world join me in the sport of ogling such pictures. Or not ogle, if they prefer that.

Can you give a brief outline on what you blog about?
Nothing mindblowing or of universal importance, I assure you. It’s mostly rather superficial things that revolve around music or film or TV shows or (especially) attractive famous humans. It’s a bit sad, I suppose, if you really sit and think about it.

How do you think you would spend your time if you didn’t blog?
Honestly, I would probably get a lot more things done, like studying and exercising and clipping my toenails. And I don’t even blog that regularly anymore; you’ll be lucky to get more than a post a week from me these days (not that it’s a huge loss or anything, but still). If I hadn’t spent the last 2 years or so blogging, I may very well have finished reading Anna Karenina by now, and written my own novel perhaps, and I would have gotten an A+ on last term’s Economics test instead of an A-, and made half a dozen spice racks, and discovered the meaning of life, and I’d have probably gotten a boyfriend and spent 6 blissful months with him and then broken up and then backpacked across Asia leaving trails of heartbroken tears all along the banks of the Mekong river and s***. Blogging is so detrimental to the productivity of my life, I tell you.

Blogger/Blogspot or Live Journal?
Blogger, since I’m already here. I find LiveJournal exceedingly intimidating; its size and scope and the technical know-how required just to keep a simple blog up and running (I freaking suck at html coding, thank you) and Blogger is much easier to get around and infinitely more user-friendly, and there are many many awesome people who inhabit its pages. However, one of my favourite Internet pastimes is stalking other people’s LJs. Live Journal is an utter haven for nutso fan communities, be it Doctor Who or Harry Potter or William Shatner or Supernatural or The History Boys, even. You want decent fan fiction or intellectual discussionifying or fabulous artwork or mix tape compilations or this excellent little thing the LJ fan girls refer to as “picspamming” , head over to somebody’s LiveJournal page and you’re set for life.

Would you consider your blog similar to a personal diary? Why or why not?
Not really, no. I think with blogging I’m so much more conscious about what I write about and what sort of impression I’m making or if I’m going to offend anyone. Your audience, however measly the number, is forever on your mind, even if you’re virtually anonymous anyway. A personal diary is totally different; I can say whatever I want there and present myself in whichever manner I choose, and anybody audacious enough to read what I write in there, I’ll kill them. And then blog about it, maybe.

If you were paid to blog, would you?
Heck yes! I love money!

Would you ever consider blogging professionally?
How much moolah will I make?

General Stuff (these are very random)

Are you reading any books lately?
Well I haven’t exactly got time for much reading these days. Like once in a while I pick some random book off my shelf and read a couple of chapters for intellectual and spiritual sustenance, but that’s about it. I just recently bought a whole bunch of novels for like, RM5 each (ridonkulously cheap, that) and it’s all awesome stuff like Clive Barker and Annie Proulx. These days I’m sticking with the books I have to read for Literature in English classes; Jane Eyre (hate her), Hamlet (what a whinger), Wide Sargasso Sea (Mr. Rochester is a big fat jerk) and John Keats (depressing as heck). But I secretly enjoy it all, I really do. And I like to walk around quoting stuff from them. O my prophetic soul!

What is your favourite book/story/novel called?
What? Just one? Surely you don’t expect me to choose? I think right now it’d have to be The Importance of Being Earnest. With the baby in the handbag and the Bunburying and the muffin-eating. Oh joy!

What is your all time favourite cartoon?
Another tough one, but it’s got to be Spongebob Squarepants, I think. It’s just so smart and hilarious and caters to both kids and adults without ever compromising the enjoyment or insulting the intelligence of either. It has sarcasm and irony and satire and political/social commentary, even, as well as pop culture references to keep the grown-ups snickering and it’s ridiculous enough to keep the kiddies happy as well. And come on. It’s about a sponge wearing pants with a snail for a pet who flips burgers for a living and lives in a pineapple under the sea. It’s awesome.

Do you like baked goods? If so, which ones?
I’m particularly partial to cheesecake. Yum.

Winter or Summer?
We don’t really get season where I live; it’s like perpetually summer here. But I do like it when it gets cloudy and dark and windy just before it rains. I don’t like rain itself, though.

What piece of advice would you give on how to survive high school?
At risk of sounding impossibly cheesy, I think it’s just about having a firm grasp on who you are and being comfortable with it. Which is a lot easier said than done, and you’ll get plenty of knocks before you get there (I’ve been there recently, I know). And you’ll have to remember that, as intense and challenging and oh-no-my-life-is-over an experience as it can be, high school is a miniscule insignificant bubble compared to what’s out there and waiting for you in the big bad world. So suck up and deal with the lousy parts of high school, enjoy the good bits (and there will be many of those, in varying degrees of awesomeness) , meh at the indifferent bits, get fabulous grades, and get it over with while being the most Awesome version of yourself you can possibly be. *pause for raucous standing ovation*

Glass half full or half empty?
It really depends on the situation or my mood. I like to think of myself as an idealistic practicalistic sometimes-optimistic pessimisticist.

If you went to a party, what would you do there, or if you stayed at home, what would you do instead?
Either way, you can be sure it’ll be something exceedingly awesome.

Facebook, MySpace, Orkut, Blogger, Live Journal and the likes. What is your opinion on sharing your life online?
Like I said earlier regarding the blog question, it’s a nice way to keep your ego healthy and inform the world about how much you matter. It’s a mutual admiration society on a size and scope never seen before (thank you, Internet).

I love Mythbusters. Have you heard of them and do you watch/like it too?
I freaking adore Mythbusters, yo. I mean, the explosions, the Jamie moustache, the Adam giggle, the Buster, the ballistic gel, the explosions, the Tory, the explosions, the Grant, the explosions?? What’s not to love?

Chickens are extremely adorable creatures. What do you think about them(don’t mind offending me if you say they taste good, haha)?
They taste gooooooooooooooooood.

Kiki Strike kicks mega butt. Have you read the books?
No, actually. But I have heard so much about it, that my curiosity is definitely aroused and I’d like to read it, if only to see what all the fuss is about.

Are my socks stripy enough?
Perfectly so, darling.

You're a Chupycabra.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009
I heard about this last night on this internet radio station. They talked about crypto-zoology. It is worth checking out. Just click here.
From Gabrielle, I have learnt and enjoyed the many weird and freaky things our world has. She stopped blogging (and I assume perhaps enjoyed her hiatus) but has now resumed (yay!) Quarguana, as I know her better as, enjoys writng (see the common link between my interviewees...*wiggles eyebrows*) and has kindly replied to my interview, especially when I asked her out of the blue.

Name: Gabrielle
Screen name: Heather
Blog Address: http://oddstuff-quarguana.blogspot.com

On Blogging

What does your screen name mean or stand for and why did you choose it?

I've a different screen name on my blog. Heather is my middle name, and it happens to be awesome. Quarguana is... Basically a word a made up when I was little.

Why did you start blogging?

Mostly because I was bored, and I wanted to see how long I could keep it up.

What do you aim to achieve through blogging?

Nothing much. Perhaps showing the rest of the universe a bit more weirdness.

Can you give a brief outline on what you blog about?

Anything awesome that I've discovered.

How do you think you would spend your time if you didn’t blog?

About the same way I spend time now.

Blogger/Blogspot or Live Journal?


Would you consider your blog similar to a personal diary? Why or why not?

No. I don't really record my day-to-day life.

If you were paid to blog, would you?


Would you ever consider blogging professionally?

Not really.

On Writing

What genre do you usually write?


Which do you prefer, long term or short term writing projects (i.e. a novel compared to a short

Short term, generally.

How and who do you base your characters on?

A good portion of my characters are simply ideas that grew personalities. The rest simply crystallized.

Can you give a brief synopsis on your current writing project?

I've currently got two. One is a short-short based on an old poem. I'm laying out culture, history, etc. for another, but I have very little idea where it might actually go, yet.

If you were asked to write using a pseudonym, would you?

Yes. My last name isn't the best. XD

If you were asked to write a certain number or so of books for a specific series, would you?

It would depend on the series.

Do you have any book recommendations?

The Imaginarium Geographica series, Skulduggery Pleasant, Trickster's Queen, the Discworld series, The Professor, and anything that Douglas Adams wrote.

How can those who are wanting to write but aren’t too great at English or don’t have ideas write? Can you share any tips?

Try writing outside your genre. Read some poetry. Read outside your genre. Sooner or later, some idea is going to come, hit you over the head, and demand for you to write it.

General Stuff(these are very random)

Are you reading any books lately?

Yes. I'm reading the Discworld series, by Terry Pratchett. All thirty or so books.

What is your favourite book/story/novel called?

Here, There Be Dragons

What is your all time favourite cartoon?


Do you like baked goods? If so, which ones?

Yes. Molasses cookies or ginger snaps.

Winter or Summer?

Whichever it currently isn't.

What piece of advice would you give on how to survive high school?

Ignore what other people think. Turn in your homework on time.

Glass half full or half empty?

To quote the master, "This is my glass? I don't think so. Mine was all the way full! And it was a bigger glass!"

If you went to a party, what would you do there, or if you stayed at home, what would you do instead?

At parties I tend to hang out with the guys, so I can avoid inevitable gossip fests. If I stayed home, I'd read.

Facebook, MySpace, Orkut, Blogger, Live Journal and the likes. What is your opinion on sharing your life online?

Well, I tend to forget to check most sites. It's not exactly top priority...

I love Mythbusters. Have you heard of them and do you watch/like it too?

Mythbusters is awesome beyond belief.

Chickens are extremely adorable creatures. What do you think about them(don’t mind offending me if you say they taste good, haha)?

They dislike me. I am possibly the only person in the universe who's been bitten by a chicken.

Kiki Strike kicks mega butt. Have you read the books?

Yes. They are beyond awesome.

Are my socks stripy enough?

Nowhere near.

Irregular Kiki: An Interview with a deadly Death-Starer

Tuesday, July 21, 2009
Irregular Kiki, or I.K is one of the coolest and most awesomest people I have ever known. She used to blog regularly before, but not, sadly, she has other commitments and a busy schedule. However, you can spot her commenting on Ananka's Diary. Thankfully, I.K did have time to complete my interview and successfully managed to choke me on toothpaste (I was brushing my teeth when I first read her replies).

Screen name: Irregular Kiki

On Writing

What genre do you usually write?
I like imaginative writing, (is that a genre?). I like creative writing.

Which do you prefer, long term or short term writing projects (i.e. a novel compared to a short
I believe I enjoy short term writing projects. This may be because I have only recently picked up interest in writing, so maybe soon I'll be able to expand on storywriting to write novels.

How and who do you base your characters on?
Eeeerrrrrm.... Real people? Most of the one's I've written are written in first person and there has not been much description about these characters.

Can you give a brief synopsis on your current writing project?
What is a synopsis? I'll just guess.
My current writing project is to concentrate and force my brain to think of something to write about. It is most likely going to be a short, imaginative story. I want to write a story with unusual characters, like Harry Potter, but I'm not sure. And possibly, once I write this short story, I can expand on it and hopefully write an interesting novel.

If you were asked to write using a pseudonym, would you?
I have no idea what a pseudonym is. All I can say is, you have done a lot of reading and that is why you know so many hard words.

If you were asked to write a certain number or so of books for a specific series, would you?
Sure I would! I don't know how but I would!

Do you have any book recommendations?
darling t0tally r3ad d0lly magaz1ne, it c0mez with a free ha1r straighten3r with th1s m0nth'z issu3

How can those who are wanting to write but aren’t too great at English or don’t have ideas write? Can you share any tips?
Sit down and float your mind away into your favourite dream. If you are weird, crazy, and adventurous like me, you'll see a lot of things. Everybody sees different things. Some people see birds fluttering under the clouds. Some people see Formula 1 cars racing. Some people see fire breathing dragons flying down mountains, volcanoes erupting, trolls escaping, mountain creatures on the run.
It all depends on your personal experiences and what kind of person you are. My method is to just float your mind away and think about your adventure, and keep expanding on it, thinking about all the things you would like to happen, just like a movie. Then you can jot down your ideas, and every time you get the chance, just keep floating your mind away to expand your "movie". This makes it so easy to write down your story in detail.

General Stuff(these are very random)

Are you reading any books lately?
I am reading a book called 'Blue Bloods' recommended to me by a very dear friend.

What is your favourite book/story/novel called?
It is called...... hmm that's a tough question. I haven't even read that many books. N/A

What is your all time favourite cartoon?
My favourite cartoon would be The Simpsons and I like Family Guy too. Spongebob is also very good.

Do you like baked goods? If so, which ones?
I look at Masterchef and they make 5 desserts all at once, and I just want to eat every single one of them.
I always see delicious-looking desserts in recipe books, such as Chocolate Caramel Slice, and I just want to sink my teeth into the deliciousness, but sadly I am afraid that once I make it, nobody would enjoy it, and it would be a waste of ingredients.
I really love cake. I love cake so much, it is my favourite food. It is heavenly.

Winter or Summer?
Summer. I love outdoors because it's where I belong. :D

What piece of advice would you give on how to survive high school?
Ooooooooooh... this is a really hard one. It's so hard to survive high school, I think you should just forget about your studies, and just concentrate on being in the Co0l group. Being in the co0L group is really important and it is the key to surviving high school.
go0d luck w1th surv1v1ng h1gh sch0ol!

Glass half full or half empty?
I dont know what you mean by this but oh well. I prefer my mug full of coffee, with a bowl of icecream.

If you went to a party, what would you do there, or if you stayed at home, what would you do instead?
If I went to a party, it must be someone I know really well, so I'd hang out with my party pal! If I stayed at home, I'd chat on MSN and watch movies. And drink coffee and eat ice cream.

Facebook, MySpace, Orkut, Blogger, Live Journal and the likes. What is your opinion on sharing your life online?
Well, it is important not to go overboard with all this. Some people report their whole life on there thinking everyone cares - let me tell you, they don't really.

The Lovely Steph Bowe

Wednesday, July 15, 2009
I accidently stumbled upon her wonderful (and regularly posted on) blog a month or two ago. She writes YA fiction and spends her time with many othe creative outlets too, including photography. An Aussie teen scaling up Australia's top writer blogs, here I present to you Steph Bowe.

Name: Steph Bowe
Blog Address: http://heyteenager.blogspot.com/
Website: http://stephbowe.com/

On Blogging

What does your screen name mean or stand for and why did you choose it?
I don't have a screen name - I'm just Steph Bowe.

Why did you start blogging?
For fun, and to get to know people in the YA book industry.

What do you aim to achieve through blogging?
To get to know people in the YA book industry, and get my novel published.

Can you give a brief outline on what you blog about?
Reading and writing YA fiction. Zombies, vampires and [B.C: It seems to be cut off for some


How do you think you would spend your time if you didn’t blog?
I'd write a bit more. I might even have a social life.

Blogger/Blogspot or Live Journal?
Blogger. I once had an LJ.

Would you consider your blog similar to a personal diary? Why or why not?
My blog is not a personal diary - it's about reading and writing, and a little bit of my life is thrown in, but not much.

If you were paid to blog, would you?

Would you ever consider blogging professionally?

On Writing

What genre do you usually write?
Contemporary YA. That means present day, real stuff. Mostly character driven. I don't consider it romance, but a lot of people tell me it is.

Which do you prefer, long term or short term writing projects (i.e. a novel compared to a short story)?
Novels. I've written two, working on a third.

How and who do you base your characters on?
Every character has a little bit of me. But they know who they are, and they form fully in my mind all on their own.

Can you give a brief synopsis on your current writing project?
That's top secret! I can, though.

If you were asked to write using a pseudonym, would you?
Sure, why not?

If you were asked to write a certain number or so of books for a specific series, would you?

Do you have any book recommendations?
Check out my blog for those :-)

How can those who are wanting to write but aren’t too great at English or don’t have ideas write?
Can you share any tips?
Okay, so in my mind if you don't have ideas and aren't good at English, you shouldn't write. But if you enjoy writing, just write all you can. You'll improve as you go.

General Stuff (these are very random)

Are you reading any books lately?

I am always reading.

What is your favourite book/story/novel called?
I have a list of favourites on my blog - I can't choose just one!

What is your all time favourite cartoon?
Hamtaro! Random, yes. I loved it when I was ten.

Do you like baked goods? If so, which ones?
What the hell are baked goods?? I like muffins.

Winter or Summer?
Autumn and Spring.

What piece of advice would you give on how to survive high school?
Haha! I don't go.

Glass half full or half empty?
The glass is half too big.

If you went to a party, what would you do there, or if you stayed at home, what would you do instead?
At a party: I talk to everyone. If there's alcohol, I find a soft drink instead. I dance and shout and hug most people. I throw things at people who hook up at parties (usually, I throw my shoes.) I don't tend to get invited to many parties after people see what I do.
At home: Write. Read. Check and recheck email.

Facebook, MySpace, Orkut, Blogger, Live Journal and the likes. What is your opinion on sharing your life online?
I am on MySpace and Twitter, I have my blog and I have my StephBowe.com site. I share information online to publicise myself and my writing. I'm also on Flickr, so you can see photos of me, and I have a couple of video reviews on YouTube. My parents read and watch everything I put online, and as long as they're comfortable with it, I'm comfortable with it.

I love Mythbusters. Have you heard of them and do you watch/like it too?
LOVE Mythusters.

Chickens are extremely adorable creatures. What do you think about them (don’t mind offending me if you say they taste good, haha)?
LOVE chickens.

Kiki Strike kicks mega butt. Have you read the books?
I've read the first one.

Are my socks stripy enough?
Heck no.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009
Welll, a few weeks ago I interviewed a few bloggers who I find quite interesting (their blog, writing style, personality, everything in general =D ). I'll begin posting them up soon. I had A LOT of fun reading them, and thank you to those who replied :)


Monday, July 6, 2009
I've been pretty busy lately and now I've kinda fallen sick, so I haven't been blogging recently. Meanwhile, enjoy this freakishly lovely commercial by Cadbury, which has been airing Australian airwaves for a few weeks now.

How OK is USA and its different regions?

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I found this on the Montague Prject blog owner's website. It is a funny chloropleth map of America It can also be seen here.
Sunday, June 28, 2009
Yesterday, as I was musing on what I can blog about. I then began to reminisce about all those TV shows which I loved to watch on telly. So...why not make a list?

1. The Wild Thornberrys
An absolutely mega-awesome show. Eliza can talk to animals, and travels all around the world in their Combi or whatever they call it with her older sister Debbie, wild jungle kid Danny and her Mom and Dad. If I had a life like this, whoa man, it'll be great.

2. Being Ian
I didn't like to watch this show, because the characters and everything else were drawn very strangely. But in the past year or two I've come to love this animated comedy. Ian sure has an overactive imagination. P.S: What on EARTH happened to Ian's dad in that still?
3. Fairly Odd Parents
Who doesn't like this show? It's so hilarious, and now that I'm older I kinda get the jokes they make for older viewers too. Like seriously, a young kid won't know who Stephen Hawking or what Jekyll and Hyde is, but I do.

4. The Rugrats
Oooh, I loved this show too. This reminds me, my best friend can actually play the theme/intro song on keyboard and piano! Angelica's antics always had me saying "OMG, who wants to be friends with her?" I liked the whole gang whoever, but now I think of the Rugrats, Suzie was the most sensible and interesting child there.

5. Avatar: The Last Air Bender
I've only watched book one and a few episodes of book two. And I found out what happens through Wikipedia. I also really love its theme/intro music and the music in the credits too.

6. Bootleg
Not really a TV show, as it's a mini TV movie based on Alex Shearer's book of the same title, I like the idea of fighting against the man to legalise chocolate. P.S: To the right is a picture of the book.

7. Daria
Yeah. This girl is so awesome, she doesn’t even know it. I love how blasé she is with everything. She's a satirist. When I was younger I didn't really understand Daria, but as a teenager now I do. And the theme song is by a band called Garbage. Like, whoa! Na na na na na, This is my life...Gotta go hard...

8. Cybergirl
This was a pretty cool show too, by the same people who made Ocean Girl or something. Basically, it's about this girl who's from another planet and escapes for some reason and comes to earth. She is continually being pursued by these two bounty hunters from her planet. Alas, she finds a home with a father and son and is disguised as their cousin. I can't remember any of her adventures, but it was a fun show to watch.

9. 2030 CE
Dude, I watched this show five years ago. Then I couldn't remember the name of the show for three and a half years. But then I did remember it, but I don't know where I can watch the show again. The show was about an era (hint, hint, 2030 CE) where people can't live past the age of 30. This guy and his younger sister were trying to fight the system, and ended up joining an underground movement.

10. Seriously Weird
Just as the show's name suggest it was seriously weird. The main character, who is the one of the biggest neat freaks and perfectionists in history, faces all these weird things which keep on happening to him. This show was funny.
Oh, just to add, I couldn't remember the show's name. But I remember seeing the main character in an episode of Bones. I love it when I recognise people from other shows! So anyways, thanks to IMDB I found out the dude who played Harris Pembelton and viola.

Here is a list of all the shows on ABC Kids, one of my favourite TV channels.
And why are most of the TV shows Nickelodeon?

Feather Loss

Saturday, June 27, 2009
My chicken is loosing feathers. Which is so sad. The other hen, who is deliciously stuffed with natural chickness is so feathery you somewhat loose yourself in her featherness.

My poor little baby is moulting. And let me tell you, the weather is cold. Poor thing.

All day she sits under the lemon tree with her sister. Or under a chair in our garage. You can find her beautiful feathers everywhere, which reminds me of dandruff. Which is gross. Because when you do manage to grab hold of her, she is very fidgety (more than usual) and you can see all this white stuff she leaves behind on your clothes, which I call dandruff but isn't dandruff. This 'dandruff' is from her feather's quills. Because she is moulting, all the old feathers fall out. So dead skin or dead quilll stuff also fall out.

She looks much more patchier than the white chicken on the right, and she looks very pained indeed. Under her gizzard there is a patch of no feathers, just like a receeding hairline on a bald man's head. I wish I could talk to her and ask her is there's anything she wants. Maybe I should try and scare her and her sister with the various apparatus I find around the backyard...

Cathy's Book

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I've heard about this book and I've seen it on teenreads.com
It's an ARG (Alternate Reality Game) book where you're given numbers, note and little tid bits of information to find out where Cathy went. The phone numbers given are...callable! I want this book, NOW.

Here's a link to a Wikipedia on Cathy's Book. It makes me drool even more. Why? Because there are TWO more books in the series.

Why don't I live in Les Etats-Unis? Then I could win a copy from teenreads.com

P.S: Even the cover is so...awesome

The Microwave

Tuesday, June 23, 2009
Our microwave is playing games with us
It freezes its touch pad
So we can't heat our food
This is absolutely moronic and satanic
And causes me difficulty
'Cause I can't warm up food
To eat.

I've got my eye on you Microwave
I'll make sure you're fixed
My mother says she'll get a new one
But the things only two years old!
My chickens are older and function much better
So I'm on your case, from now

Book Reviews Blog

Sunday, June 14, 2009
I have a new blog specifically for book reviews. It is here. My book reviews blog has been made because I've noticed that most book reviews are quite long to read. I'm the type of person who would just like a general idea of the book and how good/bad it might be. So to cater for the lack of short, simple and to the point book reviews, I've created To The Point Book Reviews. It will feature mostly those YA books I have read, including new and old titles.

So it'd be great to check out and give me an idea! And yes, I know the layout is extremely yuck looking. Also, if anyone is willing to contibute as well, just let me know via the comments on wither this or my book reviews blog. Lets just hope I can stay dedicated enough to keep it up and running (along with this blog XD )

Craziness Needed ASAP

Thursday, June 4, 2009
Hello my few existent/more likely non-existent blog readers (it's ok. Less readers=less pressure to tap out blog posts.)

I need your help with crazy ideas, experiences and stories which have happened to you, so I can be inspired and include in my first writing project (fingers crossed that I stay comitted enough to finish it)! Anyways, by crazy ideas, experiences and stories I mean something which may have happened to you or a friend or a friend of a friend and etc..For example, one crazy idea was to swap name tags at school photo day, so the photos will come out swapped between two friends. Or meeting a psycho gal at a concert, becoming her friend on MySpace, and then becoming enemies, who threatens you she'll break your legs. The two examples I mentioned are true, So I need stuff like that, if it's possible. But I am quite welcome of all ideas, experiences, stories and anything else which anyone/everyone can offer. Tell your friends and whoever you can who won't mind sharing their thoughts. I just need inspiration, and if I do use that idea, I will credit it.

Mega thanks :)

Update on previous week

Sunday, May 31, 2009
Okay, since I only blogged a very, very twitter-worthy post, I'll now give a proper update:

Exmas. >_< ---> ^_^
They are now over. I had seven subject=7 exams. Humanities, English, Maths, Science, Bussiness Management, Religious Education and French. Now I await my results!

Driving. ^_^
I can drive now. Well, actually I'm an L-plate. BUT I CAN DRIVE! YAHOOOOOOOOOO!

Birthday. ^_^
Hehe, it was my birthday. And i got the bestest present ANYONE could ever give a fellow book lover. Their favourite book(actually, two from one series), signed by the author. Irregular Kiki' you sooo rock ;)

Foot. >_<
My left foot has gone funny. My second last toe has doubled in size. Gross, and very uncomfortable.

Rubik's Cube (happened about two weeks ago but worth mentioning).
I actually managed to complete the whole thing. I'll give a link to the YouTube video I used.

Now I must go. J'ai a busy life!


Friday, May 29, 2009
Yeah, just what the post title says. And I fixed it's size too (post tile's size). Thank God.

The Drover's Wife by Henry Lawson

Thursday, May 21, 2009
Lawson, a man who created some of his finests works drunk(My teacher told me this-unbeleivable!).

One of the eight classic short stories covered part of our English syllabus, The Drover's Wife is one of my favourite. It might not have the drama of a contempoary YA Lit novel, but it is a piece which shows how strong Australian bush women were and are. The Drover's Wife, married to a drover (a job where you drove-or took, livestock from station to station, thus being away from home months at a time) has faced many challenges in her husband's absence. She's diverted a flood, fought a bushfire, keeps sundowners away and carried her dead child 19 miles to the nearest town. The Drover's Wife(as she is not referred to by name) might seem like a woman who shows minimal physical affection to her children, but she truly does care for them, in her own unique way.

Stories of female characters who display strength (both physical, but more mental and emotional) inspire me. No, I don't mean feminists, but women who care for the world they live in, be it her children, her family (Eveline by James Joyce) or even something as her land and livestock (Squeaker's Mate by Barbara Baynton).

Gossip-a post inspired by Ananka's Diary

Monday, May 18, 2009

Gossip (and rumours) is what makes Gossip Girl, haha, lame joke, I know :) Gossip and rumours is what keeps girls from concentrating in class, especially if it’s something about you. Here are my tips on how to avoid it, and how to solve it.

If you are being gossiped or rumoured about, you should do the following:

-Find the source of that rumour.

-Ask yourself have you done anything mean or wrong to that person.

-Tell those close to you and as many people who you know are sensible and will trust you why the gossip/rumour is wrong.

-Confront the person who created that rumour/piece of gossip. Remember, it is a form of bullying, and no one should ever be bullied. Be very confident and show the 'meanie/s' why you believe how wrong/low/nasty they are and how a little 'mind game' won't hurt you.

-A good comeback to leave them to think about will be a bonus. But remember, you don’t want to be as mean/low as them, so comebacks should be witty, not hurtful.

I know that sometimes gossip/rumours are the major type, the type that can destroy your reputation. But remember, if you sincerely are a nice and kind person, then even if someone does gossip/rumour about you, people know that a nice/kind person won't do that (unless the rumour is about the reason you have chicken feathers in your hair every morning because your mother is a giant hen, and your father is a giant rooster, all living hidden in a backyard chicken house owned by your grandmother-a gracefully aged swan.)


Thursday, May 14, 2009

I am a self-confessed Nerd. I love to read and learn. Yes, I love computers and sometimes become shy. I have big feet and don't exactly have the right fashion sense (just ask my sister, I give her headaches on this issue). I enjoy Science and don't hate (well, nor do I love) Maths. I'm also anti-social at moments. But I am a breed of Nerd with uncatogorisable traits.

I can become crazy, sometimes skipping down to my homeroom. I do weird things, like give someone my hand with my first two (index and middle) fingers pointing and 'cutting' instead of an actual pair of scissors. I don't know all the answers, but I still put up my hand too many times, that the teacher refuses to chose me. Sometimes I get hungry in class. Other times I fall asleep. I am not afraid to stand up for myself if necessary and thnakfully I am not allergic to several things or have past, pale skin.

But I do wear glasses :)

Beware of Uber Competitor. Grrrrrr

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Hmm, maybe that's why I enter competitions, because I like the feel of winning the booty(prize). Muwahaha.
My new favourite song. Yah!
Acceptable in the 80s
Today I went to a community festival. By community I mean shire/county/district. It was interesting, as a teacher from school approached me to fill out a survey. That was weird, haha. My mum was getting angry because it was taking so long, and my sister didn't know who the lady was. But I did get to use spray cans to spray paint (which I never plan on using again as it is harmful to the human body and the environment). Oh, did I menrion we were given a free native plant as part aof a freebie bag!
The picture I took of my 'masterpiece' is on my mother's mobile. And for some reason I cannot attach the picture. Grrrr >_<

Update on my week so far

Friday, May 1, 2009
Ugh. Both of my big toes are red and blistered. I cannot walk with the comfort a normal person can. I stick on band-aids and those special blister plasters, but my toes still hurt. >.<

The Swine Flu. Whooaaaa. It's EVERYWHERE (I mean on the news, not as in everyone's got it, God forbid).

I need to complete two Maths exercises, write up an oration, complete Religious Education questions by presenting the information graphically (haha, nobody could understand what to do, and as it was the last class of the week, the majority of us could not pay attention) and most like do some other time consuming homework which I can't remember right now.

Oh, and mid-year exams are coming up.

Where are they?

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Can you find nine people in this image?
Brain teaster from BrainBashers.com

Kids in a skull?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009
Are the children in a skull or is it just a skull?
Brain teaser from BrainBashers.com

Young lady or old?

Monday, April 27, 2009

Is this a young lady or an old lady?

What do your eyes see.

Brainteaser from BrainBashers.com

Connect 9 dots with 4 lines

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Connect these 9 green dots using only 4 lines. You can't lift your pen/pencil off the paper.
Need a hint? How about going past a point.
Click here for the solution.

Want to get trickier? How about using only 3 lines.
Click here for the solution.

This is the most radical photoshop tutorial site I've seen. Far-out dude! Total Vintage, Pop and Retro stuff.

I had no internet.
And now I have no time.
My school thinks we are geniuses.
I am not.
I don't think I can cope.
But a chocolate fudge brownie will help.
I'll blog when it's the weekend. Then hopefully I might have time.
Finally, Circular Functions has been completed. For now. Eeeeeek!

P.S: Doesn't it feel like as if time is going by too fast? Well, I know WHY!


Friday, April 17, 2009
An excellent series of books by author Malcolm Rose is called Traces. Set in a world where your fate is decided from the age of five and where technology rules, the reader follows a young FI named Luke Harding on his many crime/mystery forensic cases. Luke is assisted by his Mobile Aide to Law and Crime (otherwise called Malc) and together the pair have helped The Authorities solve cases from identity theft to suspicious deaths.

In recommend this series to those who like to read about crime, 'who-dunnits' and also a bit of science in their mix.

The books in the sereis so far, in chronological order:
1. Framed
2. Lost Bullet
3. Roll Call
4. Double Check
5. Final Lap
6. Blood Brother

Happy Reading :)


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

As you can see, my blog layout has changed.
I should NEVER ever had changed it in the first place. Because now, the post's title is so small.



And now there's a really dumb extra space in between, just like Vista! OMG, I hate it when you press the enter key, it double spaces and not single!
This makes me ANGRY! Look at all the CAPS I've used!

Blogger better fix this mess, seeing that there's a scheduled outage at 2:00AM PDT on Thursday 4/16.
P.S: I had to delete all the extra spaces. Grrrrr :[


Sunday, April 12, 2009
ACMI was fun. I got to make my own stop motion movie with my sister. It was called 'Mouse in the House.' It was about a mouse appearing out of nowhere into the African savannah. The gorilla, tiger, rhino, giraffe and hippo were scared. But then the gorilla stomped on the mouse's head and physically abused the mouse so much that the mouse ran away...somewhere.

Here's a really lame 'How to' on how to make a stop motion movie. Now pay attention.

1.Prepare a script and set. Have your characters ready.
2. Put the characters into place.
3. Take a photo.
4. Make the movie by continually moving the characters a small fraction from how they were before. Then take a photo of that position. Note: the more pictures you take, the longer your movie will be and the more actions you 'skip' will make your movie shorter and vice versa.
5. Repeat step 4 until you have finished 'filming' your movie.
6. Using a movie creating/editing program, load all the photos you have taken in sequential
7. Add in credits, music, oh, and the title of course!
8. View your movie, 'cause you're done :) Now you can upload it onto YouTube or etc...

This is a really, really, really basic way on how to create a stop motion movie. You can make much fancier productions by searching a 'How to' into your favourite search engine. (Brrrrrm, brrrrrm.)

World Pillow Fight Day

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Holy Guacamole, I can't believe that I didn't hear about this earlier. Apparently, April 4th was International Pillow Fight Day. Internationally, a large number of major cities hosted this event. If Amsterdam, Budapest, Cape Town, Düsseldorf, New York, London, Paris and Sydney hosted this event, then why couldn't M-------- huh? A link to Pillow Fight day is here.
Above: How to make a seed bomb!

The Guerilla Art Kit by Keri Smith is a fantastic how-to book for all those street art and guerilla art fans out there. Packed with Awesomeness, you'll be itching to go out into the streets to add some 'sparkle' into the streets. The short spiral bound book teaches you how to make stencils, stickers, wheatpastes, very green seed bombs and several very fun ideas to help the people around you smile and do something a little different.

For the Love of Chickens

Monday, April 6, 2009
As I was flicking TV channels, I saw the title of this video clip, called Chicken Payback by a band called The Bees. And since I love chickens, I continued to watch. My experience was: one of the most strangest video clips you're likely to see. Even stranger than me. You can view the video clip here.
This recipe is a sure-fire way to satisfy one's hunger.

1. Get water.

2. Get a pot.

3. Put water in pot.

4. Put lots of salt in pot (two tablespoons should do)

5. Put pasta in pot.

6. Boil pasta on medium-high and then low-medium, then medium.

7. After pasta has cooked, drain out water.

8. In a seperate pot, empty out a bottle of pasta sauce (check the pasta and sauces aisle of your supermarket).

9. Warm pasta sauce and add cooked pasta.

10. Allow pasta and sauce to simmer on low-medium for 10 minutes.

11. When serving, garnish pasta with parsley or whatever else takes your fancy.

Note: Remember to read the instructions on the pasta packet and pasta sauce bottle too.

The Orange Juice Complex

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Today was one of many times when my mother comes into the kitchen, (where I am so conveniently located right at that moment), and asks me, “Did you make orange juice for me?” She very well knows my answer, which is a no. I know it disappoints her, that her daughter hasn’t dutifully squeezed out a fresh glass of vitamin C. And it disappoints me too.

Hereby I state that the situation of whenever a child is asked to do something repeatedly on a daily or frequent basis, and the answer given by the child is always, or mostly the same (yes or no depending on the situation), with the parent being quite perceptibly exasperated is called The Orange Juice Complex.

('This much' OJ equates to the first third of my index finger. NOT ENOUGH DUDE.)

Blank Mind, First Post

Saturday, March 28, 2009
Here I type my first blog post. I do not know what to say. Perhaps a little background information will do...

Here, on my blog, I will post when I want to about things I want to. They may just be small pieces of 'Did you Know?' or strange facts or stories from the world. Or most likely random stories where I shall talk about(eg: something that bothers me, something which pleases me, something which I feel like typing out to exercise my fingers), book reviews and numerous other things, just like a little pawn shop, where everything and nothing can be found.
The above analogy pleases me :) :) :)

I've run out of something to say. Maybe next time.
The End. Scroll back up.