Update + award thang for blawg

Friday, October 8, 2010
For those who've read Kiki Strike and The Eternal Ones, I've done an interview with Kirsten Miller (le gasp! Can't belive it myself either!). Clickity click here.

Who has seen the show My Life As Liz? Well, it mind-boggles me 'cause it's scripted reality. But seriously, how much is it is and isn't scripted. Hmmmmm. Anyways, here is my favourite part from the two whole episodes I've seen (only 30 seconds, involves music). It's quite funny because my favourite part is actually the very first scene from the show.

CHERUB-ians, I'm still waiting to read the FINAL book in the series, called Shadow Wave. Aaaaaagggghhhh!

The lovely Golden Eagle has awarded me with a blog award. I'm very surprised because I don't even blog that often anymore.

Anyhoo, I'd like to pass on this blog award to:
To Keep Your Insanity (cool posts about things the blogger's have noticed in general)
Irregular Kiki's new blog (recipes and stuff that takes IK fancy)
Bloggedy Blog Blog (random posts about Dr. Who and his potato shaped head, music, life and hilarious memes)
All my wonders... (posts about religion, oneself and meaningful reflections)
My Girl Friday (book reviews, movie reviews, pretty pictures)
The Blog (hasn't posted in a while. Where are you TB?)
Montana Irregulars (cool/weird reportings, similar to Ananka's Diary)
and the person who gave it to me The Golden Eagle

I know it's meant to be 15 bloggers/blogs, lah-de-dah but the majority of book blogs I follow are book blogs. And since this blog is a personal blog, I'd like to pass it on to non-book blogs. The bloggers behind these blogs are also awesome and I actively read them.

Vous avez un bon week-end mes amies! Hahaha je suis  mon Francais.
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