Fly in Fridge

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The artfully edited and caption (done by yours truly) just says: I've got hair on me bum, hehe!
It is unfortunate to be pestered with a fly. It is even more unfortunate to be pestered with three metallic green flies, who are the size of a plump sultana and live up to the onomatopoeia (have a go at spelling that!) given to their main mode of transport-flying in air-buzzzzzz.

Anywhoo, what happened was that as I was putting away the many items back into the refrigerator after dinner, a fly flew in. Hugely gross-as there are many items of food which are not covered, such as pieces of watermelon, and a salad (don't ask, it's normally one of the kid's job to cling wrap leftover food, but who cares, eh?). I tried to shoo it out. But it kept on buzzing into the cool white box. disappeared.

The question is, will I find it next time when I bite into a piece of watermelon?


Wednesday, November 25, 2009
Yesterday the year 12s at my school graduated. Pretty soon I will be too. To think that after 13 years of full time study, you'll leave the educational institution which you attended five days of the week, roughly 40 weeks a year is scary. To think that you'll leave the place which taught you so many things, academic and non-academic is scary. To think that the people who you grew up with, best friends, enemies or not, is scary. To leave the teachers who have praised, punished and encouraged you is scary. However, coming to terms with the fact that you're now an adult, stepping into the 'real world' where you have to fight for yourself, and grow older, is the scariest.

When you finish highschool, it's kinda like having the rug under you being pulled, I imagine. Up until finishing year 12, you have a real goal, a purpose. You can mindlessly live through each day, knowing you have to go to school, do the work given, come back home, complete homework and watch some tv or just surf the net. Your teachers tell you what you need to study for this or that, and its only petty things such as friendship problems or assignments which might cause slight stress.
But when you're at University/TAFE, or out in the workforce, you have to fend for yourself. You have to learn by yourself. You have to worry about your job/car/rent/etc..

My advice would be to enjoy yourself at school. I'm not endorsing the breaking of rules or not even trying to get As on school reports. I'm saying that appreciate the teachers and friends you have. Say hello to some kid younger than you, who you might or might now know. Just once, don't study for a test all night, instead watch some tv or do something fun. Put your head down and have a power nap in class or play a paper game with your friend if you're bored in class. Maybe even wear two different coloured socks to school one day, and not bother about the French homework you have.

The things I've mentioned above shouldn't be done on a daily basis though. Try your best at every subject, and apply yourself 110%. Only sometimes its ok to slack off for a while, just not always.

I won't always be a kid, nor will anyone else. Have fun, within the proper limits. Make memories which you can look back on and laugh about. Don't forget about all the people you've met along the way, and remember to learn from everywhere.

TOK much?


Monday, November 16, 2009

T-U-G is a newly launched brand from Singapore (a very technologically cool country with lots of Durains to eat!).
The graphics on the t-shirts are pretty awesome, and the picture of the one above is my favourite, 'cause it reminds me of Kiki Strike.
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