Fly in Fridge

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The artfully edited and caption (done by yours truly) just says: I've got hair on me bum, hehe!
It is unfortunate to be pestered with a fly. It is even more unfortunate to be pestered with three metallic green flies, who are the size of a plump sultana and live up to the onomatopoeia (have a go at spelling that!) given to their main mode of transport-flying in air-buzzzzzz.

Anywhoo, what happened was that as I was putting away the many items back into the refrigerator after dinner, a fly flew in. Hugely gross-as there are many items of food which are not covered, such as pieces of watermelon, and a salad (don't ask, it's normally one of the kid's job to cling wrap leftover food, but who cares, eh?). I tried to shoo it out. But it kept on buzzing into the cool white box. disappeared.

The question is, will I find it next time when I bite into a piece of watermelon?


Bootlegger84 said...

thanks again, the internet makes it such a small smalll world!

The Dimensionist said...

There was a time...when I was eating a pear...and I found a fly inside...

It does not sound logical...but it happened...and I did not eat pears for a while after that.


brave chickens said...

Ha! That is disturbing. I know someone who found a blowfly when they ate at a restaraunt once. Gross >_<

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