Friday, November 12, 2010
I've just finished reading a novel about living forever. Basically, it's set in the future, where a drug that can stop aging exists. People don't die and don't get diseases. But the thing is, that children cannot be born.

In the book, if you've chosen to take the drug, Longevity, you cannot have children. However, those people who Opt Out, can have little kiddies. "A life for a life" is how it's put. And for those children who are born, illegally, they're called Surplus. Unwanted, and a burden on Earth, with its dwindling resources and overpopulation. Surpluses are kept in an Oliver Twist-esque orphanage. Doing chores, fed the bare minimum and being beaten.

Then there's the government. They know your state of health from your ID card. You are told what to buy for dinner, so that you can 'stay healthy'.They can come into your house in the dark of the night and take you away.

In other aspects, people don't marry or have many close relations. Why? Because people have lived for so long that they've become bored of seeing the same faces, such as their husband or wife, or even their children. People are nosy with each other and it's a luxury to have chocolate. Also, for some odd reason, there's no mention of religion and celebrations. Perhaps the people have lived for so long that they're beyond the need for spirituality and social gatherings.

It's scary to think of the world as a place where no one dies. Old HAS to be replaced with new. Everyone feels a sense of foreboding when the topic of death comes up. It's normal and human. I believe in heaven, and that this life is actually temporary. Others believe that no heaven or hell exists, whilst others believe in reincarnation. Do these give us a comfort of a certain degree? I think so.

Science is discoveries and explanations. Logical first, with the issues of ethics secondary. Isn't the aim of biological sciences to extend human life?

It would be mind blowingly messed up if a world such as that created by Gemma Malley came into existence.

The trilogy which has inspired this post is called The Declaration, written by Gemma Malley.

Update + award thang for blawg

Friday, October 8, 2010
For those who've read Kiki Strike and The Eternal Ones, I've done an interview with Kirsten Miller (le gasp! Can't belive it myself either!). Clickity click here.

Who has seen the show My Life As Liz? Well, it mind-boggles me 'cause it's scripted reality. But seriously, how much is it is and isn't scripted. Hmmmmm. Anyways, here is my favourite part from the two whole episodes I've seen (only 30 seconds, involves music). It's quite funny because my favourite part is actually the very first scene from the show.

CHERUB-ians, I'm still waiting to read the FINAL book in the series, called Shadow Wave. Aaaaaagggghhhh!

The lovely Golden Eagle has awarded me with a blog award. I'm very surprised because I don't even blog that often anymore.

Anyhoo, I'd like to pass on this blog award to:
To Keep Your Insanity (cool posts about things the blogger's have noticed in general)
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and the person who gave it to me The Golden Eagle

I know it's meant to be 15 bloggers/blogs, lah-de-dah but the majority of book blogs I follow are book blogs. And since this blog is a personal blog, I'd like to pass it on to non-book blogs. The bloggers behind these blogs are also awesome and I actively read them.

Vous avez un bon week-end mes amies! Hahaha je suis  mon Francais.

Buzzing Letter Prank

Tuesday, September 28, 2010
Step One
Fold a sheet of A4 paper into thirds.

Step Two
Separately, slide a rubber band onto each side of a paperclip.

Step Three
Using sticky tape (the strong kind), tape each rubber band onto the middle third of the paper.

Step Four
Twist the paperclip as much as possible so that the rubber bands are also twisted.

Step Five
Carefully, by keeping the twisted paperclip and rubber bands in place, fold the other thirds of the paper over the paperclip section.

Step Six
Continue to hold the papercliped section in place and put the paper into an envelope for A4 sized papers.

Step Seven
Give envelope to intended victim and tell them to open the envelope. Hear them scream or yelp as the envelope 'mysteriously' buzzes.

Note: if you find that the paperclip unwounds before its in the hands of the victim, place a small square of double sided/double folded tape over the paperclip so that the tape keeps it in place until the whole paper is opened.

Images are hand drawn and provided by me. So if you want to use them, don't forget to credit and link back.  


Sunday, September 19, 2010

I have been pretty busy posting reviews and preening my YA book reviews book bloggers out there deserve a tremendous applause for their dedication of time and effort. Anyways, I've been wanting to do a 'How To' post, so hopefully in a few days I'll put one up. Mind you, it won't be a delicious recipe like how to make an Oreo Train Cake or Jam Topped Cheesecake. It will be something more...unsuspecting.

Alas! Friends, Humans and Countrymen. I would like to share my love of How To Be Indie. It's a super hilarious show about a Canadian-Indian teenager and her struggles with being a teenager and coping with her Desi family. Hehe. It's funny. It can be viewed here for Australian servers. I'm not sure for internationals.

Patrick Star is funny

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Making my own Notebook

Sunday, August 15, 2010

I'd never ever thought about book binding before. That is, until I attened a supercool workshop, where I made my own scrapbook. No... I don't mean the pages of a scrapbook. I actually made the covers of a scarpbook. You know... the front and back sections, kinda hard 'cause of the cardboard....?
Anyhoo, the next day I made my own notebook. Using cardboard, cardstock, lots of PVA glue, needle & thread and a Stanley knife. It was fun. It turned out funny though. And only consists of six pages.
The cool thing, however, was that it resembles a book and I didn't follow any instruction or have any measurements. Haha.

Amna Nadeem

Tuesday, August 3, 2010
Dear Amna,

I remember you were in my class in grade three. We'd only known each other for one year, but in that year I had one of the best friendships ever, full of happiness, trust and giggles.
I'm not too sure, but you'd lived in Melbourne for two years until the age of 9 or 10, when you left to live in Newcastle, NSW. We even visited you once. I remember, during those two days my family and I stayed over, we made toilet paper 'patties' with glitter and 'cooked' them on your kitchen playset.
I think one of the reasons why our friendship was so good was because we spoke the same second language. We'd say something which obviously nobody else knew, thus keeping it a secret in class, then giggle at our childish jokes.
I'd really, really love to find you again and be able to speak to you. Do you remember me? Are you still in Australia?
If ever, by any chance whatsoever, you do read this after Googling your name and find this post, and want to confirm it is you, then I'll leave you with this: You were born in July (so you would've just turned 17), have a brother two years younger than you, another brother who's (I think) ten years younger then you, your mother was a doctor and the last time I saw you, you gave me my first novel/book ever: "I know what You did Last Summer" by R.L Stine (you'd won/bought that book at a school fair).

I miss you and our friendship.
I hope you know who I am ;)

Note: I'm really hoping this might help me find you and vice versa because it worked for some other blogger. Email me...?

Letters (Dear Me)

Friday, July 30, 2010
I think a good way to express my feelings and think about things would be to write letters. Letters to anyone or anything which I love or hate and anything in between.

Dear Me,

  • I really wish you would stop procrastinating so much. Really, you didn't used to be as bad as this. At this rate... you'll suffer very painfully.
  • Try to share more about yourself with your friends. They care for you, and will want the best. You would do anything (apart from anything that's worng...obviously), and since they're your friends, you should be honest about any problems you might be having in life.
  • Please don't act too awkward around people. Or ignore them because you don't know if you should say 'hello' or not.
  • Be more direct and opinionated with those who aren't close family or friends.  
  • Cook more often, maybe once a week. Mum and Dad would be really please.
  • Don't be lazy. Eat! If you can't be bothered to get yourself something, eat a banana.
  • Don't take other people's problems upon your shoulders too often.
  • Write and blog more. You always have so many ideas. Just scribble the ideas onto a notebook. It won't take too much time.
  • Draw and knit as well. If you'd stop procrastinating, you'd get more homework done, therefore you can do the things you like to do for fun.
  • Improve your fashion sense. It's not that good. Find someone and learn from them, before you make me cringe at a constant rate.
  • Sleep earlier.
  • Stop thinking about chickens too much. For crying out loud, you're too old to keep thinking about your pets and making up cute lil' rhymes about them.
  • Get better at martial arts and enter a competiton. Then win one, if you can.
  • Those weird habits you have...try to stop them, yeah?
Well, I've written more of a list than a letter. Lists are just more efficient, I guess. I hope you consider 'suggestions' and look back on them. Cheers.
Here is a link to a contest on The Bodacious Pen. I really want those books. Aaaaaaaaaaggghhhh! *yelling in a happy way*


Monday, July 5, 2010
"In conspiracy theory, the term New World Order or NWO refers to the emergence of a bureaucratic collectivist one-world government.

The common theme in conspiracy theories about a New World Order is that a powerful and secretive elite with a globalist agenda is conspiring to eventually rule the world through a totalitarian world government, which would replace sovereign nation-states and put an end to international power struggles. Significant occurrences in politics and finance are speculated to be orchestrated by an extremely influential cabal operating through many front organizations. Numerous historical and current events are seen as steps in an on-going plot to achieve world domination through secret political gatherings and decision-making processes"
 'New World Order (conspiracy theory)' Wikipedia (05/07/2010)

Is the NWO a conspiracy theory? Are influential public figures (such as politicians, businessmen and popstars) part of the NWO?
People cannot deny that there is A LOT of evil and injustice in the world. But is this true? Religious beliefs also add to this question. A question of neverending debates, opinions and beliefs, it cannot be answered.

For the curious:
Lady Gaga, The Illuminati Puppet
Jay-Z’s “Run This Town” and the Occult Connections
Beyonce to Sasha Fierce: Symbolic Occult Rebirth


Friday, July 2, 2010

They're all so beautiful.

You, Me & Religion

Sunday, June 27, 2010
I'm a person who is really interested in learning about the different relgions out there, especially the similarities and differences in the three Abrahamic religions (Islam, Christianity and Judaism).

You, Me & Religion is a supercool&interesting blog (yes, it's awesomeness requires it to be one word). The interview questions are pretty much the same, but by reading the differently opinionated answers really makes me think to how would I reply to those questions and allows me to have a little peek into the lifestyle of a believer of a certain religion (or non-believer of all religions, meaning Atheists).

Les mots used at ma l'ecole

Monday, May 24, 2010
Wag: to skip school
Brah: bro' or brother
Uleh: (I'm guessing it's kid...?/unsure)
Faaaar man: unbelievable
Whattahead: a 'famous quote' from a recetnly popular Youtube video.
Various profanities
Jahash: donkey
Greasy: a mean smirk and stare
Cut: hurt or offended

*if I remember any other words I'll just put them up.

Ironic, no?

Friday, May 21, 2010
Being a teenager is all about learning new things, new experiences and discovering your own 'identity.' Well, part of forming your own 'identity' as a teen is to be unique, different, trendy and cool, at least for a good proportion of the teens out there. What I found ironic is, that the many teenager out there who are trying to be unique, different, trendy and cool (let's abbreviate this to UDTC) are so absorbed into not being too mainstream that overall, a good proportion of these teens become exactly alike.

A)"OMG, did you watch the latest episode of Skins?"
B) "I guess it's a pretty &*^! ephiphany"
C) "I like photography and cold winter days when I can see the leaves on the trees changsing shades from.. "
D) "The new song by *insert muscician/band's name* is insanely awesome and hypnotic."

Now, if a good proportion (third time) of teenagers say similar sounding things to each other, then they're not UDTC. It's just like this: Only a few people have three hands. This is weird and different (genetic mutation...?). But if everyone has three hands, it is not weird and different, but normal.

Ice Queen

Tuesday, May 18, 2010
I know for a fact that to those who I don’t know very well or closely, I come off as a very cold and snobby person. However, I am not a cold hearted pompous being. I don’t like to talk much, nor do I like to share much personal information. I don’t make that many jokes, and I am very sarcastic. I won't be smiling much either. But that is only because I don’t know the other person very well. For those people who I do know and I’m quite comfortable with, I can become pretty difficult to keep quite and stop goofing off.
I really have no idea how I can become less 'cold and snobby' and more 'friendly.' I love to meet new people and learn about/from them nad become friends, but I'm just too...quiet and hesitant. Honestly, I wish I wasn't at times. I feel like I automatically put up a barrier between me and the other person, unintentioanlly of course. It just feels so...hindering....?

Also, in emotional situations, I feel quite uncomfortable. I feel very awkward, indeed. I have to feign caring and soothing actions. I mena, I understand the other person and all, but I just can't connect (unless it's some very close to me, such as a family member).

Pens, pencils, ruler, glue, GDC...where's my eraser?

Thursday, May 13, 2010
I'm not sure if anyone else is, but I'm quite pedantic regarding my stationary.
Yes, that's right, stationary.

I don't mind giving it out to people to borrow and etc... but I like to have all my stationary back in my pencil case with me in their proper pockets (I haz zip peNcil caSe). Also, I become really frustrated when I loose an item. As usual, I conclude that someone has stolen it. Which actually has happend (just so you know, if you find a stationary item, it doesn't mean you can keep it. Leave it where you found it).

Are there people out there like me who share the same views? I don't think so... at least with those whom I know.

Oh well, I really should stop procrastinating. I do too much of it anyways. Ugh, j'ai mes devoirs pour la chimie (pardon my French with its grammar and all- but I must practice in order to improve, oui, oui!).

Rant: Facebook

Thursday, April 1, 2010
Yeah, that website.
That website which you end up wasting so much time on.

I really don't like Facebook. All those groups and fan pages and useless apps are annoying. Also, the way people present themselves of Facebook is also quite discomforting for me. I know some people who just change on Facebook. Their personalities and everything. It's just so strnage for me. I'm the quiet reclusive type. Yes, I comment, like and what not, but I definitely don't try to be someone 'cooler' or 'older' or 'wilder' that what I am.

One aspect of Facebook which really irks me though, is the PRIVACY. Yup, that's right. It's not very private if you think about it. Why? Because since the new Facebook layout came in, privacy settings were changed. People haven't realised this. But me, being the neurotic about privacy amongst other things, immediately changed my settings as soon as I found out. Even though I have no photos of myself , nor do I have anything to hide, the fact that a stanger can know what I've been doing online on Facebook is creepy. Privacy is another reason why I don't join groups or fan pages. It's pretty obvious that once you do, your name comes up in the list of 'fans' or whatever it is for that page/group/fan page/etc... From there, people can know stuff about you. Furthermore, the types of groups/fan pages/pages/etc... you join can reveal things such as your location. An example: "I survived the *insert date and location* thunderstorm. Big whoop.

Yes, I know I sound like a killjoy or whatever the word is for a teenager who isn't very teenagerish. I mostly use Facebook to contact people whom I don't have on MSN (I rarely use that either) or to contact a certain individual who has some very special time telling abilities, hehe.

Here's another Facebook related blog post by the Anonymous Weekly Bloggers (three bloggers who are very articulate and superb bloggers).
Anonymous people cannot comment on my blog from now on because 'advertising' or the 'word of mouth' has reached an extent where people are hired to comment *cough* SPAM *cough* on people's blogs with their product or service.



Friday, March 26, 2010
Ever since I attended a zine workshop, I've had this vision of making a zine.
The only problem is...on what?
I'm still pretty young, so I can't set up an Agony Aunt type zine (or maybe I can 'cause I've been called an 'owl').
My artistic side isn't totally fab. And anyways, I don't like reading artistic zines. I want words too.
If I do a short stories zine, I'm scared that my stories will be too sucky.
And if I do a zine about ME, I really don't want ANYONE figuring out who I am. I'm just that type of person.

Also, the only way to get my zine out to the public would be through a shop in the city. I have transport issues unfortunately.

So, does anyone actually even know what a zine is (no Wiki-ing now!). Have you ever read one? Have you ever made one? Would you be interesting in co-authoring with me (which I doubt 'cause I know I'm some dumb lil' kid)

Dear not so dear Durian

Monday, February 22, 2010

I find the fact that your head really is bigger than a certain person's butt to be true, to the power of 10. I also find the fact of why you are such a 'Durian,' as mentioned by my close friends also to be true. You are a mean and nasty piece of work, who doesn't even know what the word procrastination means. You try to act 'cool,' always caring about image and being 'bad.' I find that quite unhealthy, since seeing the fact that you unfortunately do have a brain with potentional is going all to waste. You consider girls as objects, and frankly, you are what some people call a 'tool.'

One day, when you are an adult, with your own family, please reflect and please do feel guilty about your wrong ways.

You disgust me.

P.S: I know you will never ever fi dor read or even recognise that the person in question is you. I suppose blogs are too 'uncool' and will destroy your so-called 'image.' I am quite sure not many people like you, even remotely.

P.P.S: In respect to the mighty 'king of fruits' you are named after, please do not flatter yourself. The spiky exterior and unsavoury smell is what you're like more.

Why do I seem to Hate everything?

Friday, February 12, 2010
Right now, I feel like kicking, slapping and yelling at objects and people. I have no idea why. My hormones maybe? Heh, I don't think so (I know myself that well).

Lately, I seem to hate people. And hate the way things are. I don't know why. I'm not usually like that. Lots of things are just starting to annoy me. I can trust many people. I don't want to talk yet I seem to talk when I really don't want to.

It's not stress. It's like it's in my heart.

I just feel very bored and tired with everything. I feel that people don't understand me.

Yes...I think writing this has helped me feel better.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Don't Forget To Be Awesome is a Nerdfighter's 'thing.' Which is why I recommend for whoever who is reading this, to visit the VlogBrothers channel on YouTube, which is co-owned (can a username be owned...?) by brothers Hank and John Green (btw, if you haven't noticed, John Green is the awesome author of 'An Abundance of Katherines' 'Looking for Alaska' and 'Paper Towns'). So, c'mon. Educate and entertain yourself all at once!
On a side note, since I'm entering a competiton, and as always, I'd love to win, therefore I'd like to increase my chances of winning by posting a link to a book giveaway on Steph Bowe's blog (hmm, she doesn seem to give away a lot of books throgh comps it seems). Here is the link (oh wait, it's here). It closes February 14th, and is an international competition.)

Paranormal Book Swag Contest

Thursday, January 28, 2010
Enter a Paranormal Book Swag contest here held by Steph Bowe on her blog.

Australia Day

Tuesday, January 26, 2010
January 26th is Australia Day. It's a public holiday, so most folks get together with family and friends to have a 'barbie' (barbecue) with snags (sausages), steaks and seafood. Six-packs and flies (tis summer here!) are plentiful.

Anyways, today on TV they (the TV people) were talking about Australian of the Year 2010. And I got thinking...I don't really care who it is. I mean, I appreciate whoever it is who has won the award and all, but personally, I wouldn't camp out all day just to see who got the award. And again, I got thinking, does this mean that I'm not supportive and patriotic towards my nation and fellow countrymen?

My answer to my own question (hehe, I have to do that a lot since I seem to have a very inquisitive type of nerdy brain) is that I do love Australia and I do appreciate her beauty and eveything she's given me. My life is quite comfortable compared to the lives of those in Haiti or in another developing country. My government supports me as a student. I have a lot of opportunities as a young woman which I can choose to pursue with nothing holding me back. I am free to express my thoughts and values as an individual.
But (yup, here's the but) I've never fought in a war. I've never had anyone who has died fighting for the freedom of Australia. I've never experienced the threat of having Australia not be the place she is due to war and invasions, unlike the WWII (or was it WWI?) generations before me.

Do I even make sense? I hope I do...! LoL
The End. Scroll back up.