Sunday, September 19, 2010

I have been pretty busy posting reviews and preening my YA book reviews book bloggers out there deserve a tremendous applause for their dedication of time and effort. Anyways, I've been wanting to do a 'How To' post, so hopefully in a few days I'll put one up. Mind you, it won't be a delicious recipe like how to make an Oreo Train Cake or Jam Topped Cheesecake. It will be something more...unsuspecting.

Alas! Friends, Humans and Countrymen. I would like to share my love of How To Be Indie. It's a super hilarious show about a Canadian-Indian teenager and her struggles with being a teenager and coping with her Desi family. Hehe. It's funny. It can be viewed here for Australian servers. I'm not sure for internationals.


bloody awful poetry said...

I love How-To posts! Look forward to yours :)

And just for the record, Patrick Star is my favourite starfish ever.

The End. Scroll back up.