Update on previous week

Sunday, May 31, 2009
Okay, since I only blogged a very, very twitter-worthy post, I'll now give a proper update:

Exmas. >_< ---> ^_^
They are now over. I had seven subject=7 exams. Humanities, English, Maths, Science, Bussiness Management, Religious Education and French. Now I await my results!

Driving. ^_^
I can drive now. Well, actually I'm an L-plate. BUT I CAN DRIVE! YAHOOOOOOOOOO!

Birthday. ^_^
Hehe, it was my birthday. And i got the bestest present ANYONE could ever give a fellow book lover. Their favourite book(actually, two from one series), signed by the author. Irregular Kiki' you sooo rock ;)

Foot. >_<
My left foot has gone funny. My second last toe has doubled in size. Gross, and very uncomfortable.

Rubik's Cube (happened about two weeks ago but worth mentioning).
I actually managed to complete the whole thing. I'll give a link to the YouTube video I used.

Now I must go. J'ai a busy life!


Friday, May 29, 2009
Yeah, just what the post title says. And I fixed it's size too (post tile's size). Thank God.

The Drover's Wife by Henry Lawson

Thursday, May 21, 2009
Lawson, a man who created some of his finests works drunk(My teacher told me this-unbeleivable!).

One of the eight classic short stories covered part of our English syllabus, The Drover's Wife is one of my favourite. It might not have the drama of a contempoary YA Lit novel, but it is a piece which shows how strong Australian bush women were and are. The Drover's Wife, married to a drover (a job where you drove-or took, livestock from station to station, thus being away from home months at a time) has faced many challenges in her husband's absence. She's diverted a flood, fought a bushfire, keeps sundowners away and carried her dead child 19 miles to the nearest town. The Drover's Wife(as she is not referred to by name) might seem like a woman who shows minimal physical affection to her children, but she truly does care for them, in her own unique way.

Stories of female characters who display strength (both physical, but more mental and emotional) inspire me. No, I don't mean feminists, but women who care for the world they live in, be it her children, her family (Eveline by James Joyce) or even something as her land and livestock (Squeaker's Mate by Barbara Baynton).

Gossip-a post inspired by Ananka's Diary

Monday, May 18, 2009

Gossip (and rumours) is what makes Gossip Girl, haha, lame joke, I know :) Gossip and rumours is what keeps girls from concentrating in class, especially if it’s something about you. Here are my tips on how to avoid it, and how to solve it.

If you are being gossiped or rumoured about, you should do the following:

-Find the source of that rumour.

-Ask yourself have you done anything mean or wrong to that person.

-Tell those close to you and as many people who you know are sensible and will trust you why the gossip/rumour is wrong.

-Confront the person who created that rumour/piece of gossip. Remember, it is a form of bullying, and no one should ever be bullied. Be very confident and show the 'meanie/s' why you believe how wrong/low/nasty they are and how a little 'mind game' won't hurt you.

-A good comeback to leave them to think about will be a bonus. But remember, you don’t want to be as mean/low as them, so comebacks should be witty, not hurtful.

I know that sometimes gossip/rumours are the major type, the type that can destroy your reputation. But remember, if you sincerely are a nice and kind person, then even if someone does gossip/rumour about you, people know that a nice/kind person won't do that (unless the rumour is about the reason you have chicken feathers in your hair every morning because your mother is a giant hen, and your father is a giant rooster, all living hidden in a backyard chicken house owned by your grandmother-a gracefully aged swan.)


Thursday, May 14, 2009

I am a self-confessed Nerd. I love to read and learn. Yes, I love computers and sometimes become shy. I have big feet and don't exactly have the right fashion sense (just ask my sister, I give her headaches on this issue). I enjoy Science and don't hate (well, nor do I love) Maths. I'm also anti-social at moments. But I am a breed of Nerd with uncatogorisable traits.

I can become crazy, sometimes skipping down to my homeroom. I do weird things, like give someone my hand with my first two (index and middle) fingers pointing and 'cutting' instead of an actual pair of scissors. I don't know all the answers, but I still put up my hand too many times, that the teacher refuses to chose me. Sometimes I get hungry in class. Other times I fall asleep. I am not afraid to stand up for myself if necessary and thnakfully I am not allergic to several things or have past, pale skin.

But I do wear glasses :)

Beware of Uber Competitor. Grrrrrr

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Hmm, maybe that's why I enter competitions, because I like the feel of winning the booty(prize). Muwahaha.
My new favourite song. Yah!
Acceptable in the 80s
Today I went to a community festival. By community I mean shire/county/district. It was interesting, as a teacher from school approached me to fill out a survey. That was weird, haha. My mum was getting angry because it was taking so long, and my sister didn't know who the lady was. But I did get to use spray cans to spray paint (which I never plan on using again as it is harmful to the human body and the environment). Oh, did I menrion we were given a free native plant as part aof a freebie bag!
The picture I took of my 'masterpiece' is on my mother's mobile. And for some reason I cannot attach the picture. Grrrr >_<

Update on my week so far

Friday, May 1, 2009
Ugh. Both of my big toes are red and blistered. I cannot walk with the comfort a normal person can. I stick on band-aids and those special blister plasters, but my toes still hurt. >.<

The Swine Flu. Whooaaaa. It's EVERYWHERE (I mean on the news, not as in everyone's got it, God forbid).

I need to complete two Maths exercises, write up an oration, complete Religious Education questions by presenting the information graphically (haha, nobody could understand what to do, and as it was the last class of the week, the majority of us could not pay attention) and most like do some other time consuming homework which I can't remember right now.

Oh, and mid-year exams are coming up.
The End. Scroll back up.