Thursday, May 14, 2009

I am a self-confessed Nerd. I love to read and learn. Yes, I love computers and sometimes become shy. I have big feet and don't exactly have the right fashion sense (just ask my sister, I give her headaches on this issue). I enjoy Science and don't hate (well, nor do I love) Maths. I'm also anti-social at moments. But I am a breed of Nerd with uncatogorisable traits.

I can become crazy, sometimes skipping down to my homeroom. I do weird things, like give someone my hand with my first two (index and middle) fingers pointing and 'cutting' instead of an actual pair of scissors. I don't know all the answers, but I still put up my hand too many times, that the teacher refuses to chose me. Sometimes I get hungry in class. Other times I fall asleep. I am not afraid to stand up for myself if necessary and thnakfully I am not allergic to several things or have past, pale skin.

But I do wear glasses :)


Steph said...

Where's that picture from?

Steph said...

Nice post -- I'm a bit of a geek, myself.

Irregular Kiki said...

You are not a nerd Brave Chickens. You sit next to me in class, and I do not find you weird at all. Well, okay, I think that's because I'm just as weird, but even weirder than you. I am strange.
I get tired and hungry in class too. That's why you always carry some lollies and a packet of sultanas in your pocket.

brave chickens said...

Steph : La Google of course XD

I.K: Duh, course I'm a nerd...'cause I li-ke it. :P
You're the one with sultanas missy *stern face*

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