Update on previous week

Sunday, May 31, 2009
Okay, since I only blogged a very, very twitter-worthy post, I'll now give a proper update:

Exmas. >_< ---> ^_^
They are now over. I had seven subject=7 exams. Humanities, English, Maths, Science, Bussiness Management, Religious Education and French. Now I await my results!

Driving. ^_^
I can drive now. Well, actually I'm an L-plate. BUT I CAN DRIVE! YAHOOOOOOOOOO!

Birthday. ^_^
Hehe, it was my birthday. And i got the bestest present ANYONE could ever give a fellow book lover. Their favourite book(actually, two from one series), signed by the author. Irregular Kiki' you sooo rock ;)

Foot. >_<
My left foot has gone funny. My second last toe has doubled in size. Gross, and very uncomfortable.

Rubik's Cube (happened about two weeks ago but worth mentioning).
I actually managed to complete the whole thing. I'll give a link to the YouTube video I used.

Now I must go. J'ai a busy life!


Irregular Kiki said...

You're very welcome Brave Chickens. :D

Yay exams are over!

No! Results!

bloody awful poetry said...

Happy Birthday! =D I'm glad you had a great one. And yes, that is indeed an amazing gift!

Have you got into the Twitter craze at all btw?

brave chickens said...

I.K: Dude, do you know HOW MUCH YOU ROCK!?!? Eeek, I agree, results *gulp*

BAP:No, I haven't. Nor the Facebook/Flickr/MySpace/Whatever-comes-next craze.

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