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Monday, May 18, 2009

Gossip (and rumours) is what makes Gossip Girl, haha, lame joke, I know :) Gossip and rumours is what keeps girls from concentrating in class, especially if it’s something about you. Here are my tips on how to avoid it, and how to solve it.

If you are being gossiped or rumoured about, you should do the following:

-Find the source of that rumour.

-Ask yourself have you done anything mean or wrong to that person.

-Tell those close to you and as many people who you know are sensible and will trust you why the gossip/rumour is wrong.

-Confront the person who created that rumour/piece of gossip. Remember, it is a form of bullying, and no one should ever be bullied. Be very confident and show the 'meanie/s' why you believe how wrong/low/nasty they are and how a little 'mind game' won't hurt you.

-A good comeback to leave them to think about will be a bonus. But remember, you don’t want to be as mean/low as them, so comebacks should be witty, not hurtful.

I know that sometimes gossip/rumours are the major type, the type that can destroy your reputation. But remember, if you sincerely are a nice and kind person, then even if someone does gossip/rumour about you, people know that a nice/kind person won't do that (unless the rumour is about the reason you have chicken feathers in your hair every morning because your mother is a giant hen, and your father is a giant rooster, all living hidden in a backyard chicken house owned by your grandmother-a gracefully aged swan.)


Irregular Kiki said...

Hey Brave Chickens, thanks for using the example of me - having chicken feathers in my hair because I live with a chicken family in the backyard chicken house. Hehehehe in my dreams. That used to me be when I had chickens.
If only I could get chickens again, that would be me now! Literally.
I looooooooooove chickens, and even gossip won't stop me loving them and swimming in their feathers!

Irregular Kiki said...

Brave Chickens, I love chickens.

Dahlia said...

What a lovely blog you have! In fact, it's so lovely that I have given you the One Lovely Blog award! Yay!!! Visit the link below to claim your prize. ^_^


brave chickens said...

I.K: Seriously dude. We have a mutual connection on chickens and baking.

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