Where are they?

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Can you find nine people in this image?
Brain teaster from BrainBashers.com

Kids in a skull?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009
Are the children in a skull or is it just a skull?
Brain teaser from BrainBashers.com

Young lady or old?

Monday, April 27, 2009

Is this a young lady or an old lady?

What do your eyes see.

Brainteaser from BrainBashers.com

Connect 9 dots with 4 lines

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Connect these 9 green dots using only 4 lines. You can't lift your pen/pencil off the paper.
Need a hint? How about going past a point.
Click here for the solution.

Want to get trickier? How about using only 3 lines.
Click here for the solution.

This is the most radical photoshop tutorial site I've seen. Far-out dude! Total Vintage, Pop and Retro stuff.

I had no internet.
And now I have no time.
My school thinks we are geniuses.
I am not.
I don't think I can cope.
But a chocolate fudge brownie will help.
I'll blog when it's the weekend. Then hopefully I might have time.
Finally, Circular Functions has been completed. For now. Eeeeeek!

P.S: Doesn't it feel like as if time is going by too fast? Well, I know WHY!


Friday, April 17, 2009
An excellent series of books by author Malcolm Rose is called Traces. Set in a world where your fate is decided from the age of five and where technology rules, the reader follows a young FI named Luke Harding on his many crime/mystery forensic cases. Luke is assisted by his Mobile Aide to Law and Crime (otherwise called Malc) and together the pair have helped The Authorities solve cases from identity theft to suspicious deaths.

In recommend this series to those who like to read about crime, 'who-dunnits' and also a bit of science in their mix.

The books in the sereis so far, in chronological order:
1. Framed
2. Lost Bullet
3. Roll Call
4. Double Check
5. Final Lap
6. Blood Brother

Happy Reading :)


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

As you can see, my blog layout has changed.
I should NEVER ever had changed it in the first place. Because now, the post's title is so small.



And now there's a really dumb extra space in between, just like Vista! OMG, I hate it when you press the enter key, it double spaces and not single!
This makes me ANGRY! Look at all the CAPS I've used!

Blogger better fix this mess, seeing that there's a scheduled outage at 2:00AM PDT on Thursday 4/16.
P.S: I had to delete all the extra spaces. Grrrrr :[


Sunday, April 12, 2009
ACMI was fun. I got to make my own stop motion movie with my sister. It was called 'Mouse in the House.' It was about a mouse appearing out of nowhere into the African savannah. The gorilla, tiger, rhino, giraffe and hippo were scared. But then the gorilla stomped on the mouse's head and physically abused the mouse so much that the mouse ran away...somewhere.

Here's a really lame 'How to' on how to make a stop motion movie. Now pay attention.

1.Prepare a script and set. Have your characters ready.
2. Put the characters into place.
3. Take a photo.
4. Make the movie by continually moving the characters a small fraction from how they were before. Then take a photo of that position. Note: the more pictures you take, the longer your movie will be and the more actions you 'skip' will make your movie shorter and vice versa.
5. Repeat step 4 until you have finished 'filming' your movie.
6. Using a movie creating/editing program, load all the photos you have taken in sequential
7. Add in credits, music, oh, and the title of course!
8. View your movie, 'cause you're done :) Now you can upload it onto YouTube or etc...

This is a really, really, really basic way on how to create a stop motion movie. You can make much fancier productions by searching a 'How to' into your favourite search engine. (Brrrrrm, brrrrrm.)

World Pillow Fight Day

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Holy Guacamole, I can't believe that I didn't hear about this earlier. Apparently, April 4th was International Pillow Fight Day. Internationally, a large number of major cities hosted this event. If Amsterdam, Budapest, Cape Town, Düsseldorf, New York, London, Paris and Sydney hosted this event, then why couldn't M-------- huh? A link to Pillow Fight day is here.
Above: How to make a seed bomb!

The Guerilla Art Kit by Keri Smith is a fantastic how-to book for all those street art and guerilla art fans out there. Packed with Awesomeness, you'll be itching to go out into the streets to add some 'sparkle' into the streets. The short spiral bound book teaches you how to make stencils, stickers, wheatpastes, very green seed bombs and several very fun ideas to help the people around you smile and do something a little different.

For the Love of Chickens

Monday, April 6, 2009
As I was flicking TV channels, I saw the title of this video clip, called Chicken Payback by a band called The Bees. And since I love chickens, I continued to watch. My experience was: one of the most strangest video clips you're likely to see. Even stranger than me. You can view the video clip here.
This recipe is a sure-fire way to satisfy one's hunger.

1. Get water.

2. Get a pot.

3. Put water in pot.

4. Put lots of salt in pot (two tablespoons should do)

5. Put pasta in pot.

6. Boil pasta on medium-high and then low-medium, then medium.

7. After pasta has cooked, drain out water.

8. In a seperate pot, empty out a bottle of pasta sauce (check the pasta and sauces aisle of your supermarket).

9. Warm pasta sauce and add cooked pasta.

10. Allow pasta and sauce to simmer on low-medium for 10 minutes.

11. When serving, garnish pasta with parsley or whatever else takes your fancy.

Note: Remember to read the instructions on the pasta packet and pasta sauce bottle too.

The Orange Juice Complex

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Today was one of many times when my mother comes into the kitchen, (where I am so conveniently located right at that moment), and asks me, “Did you make orange juice for me?” She very well knows my answer, which is a no. I know it disappoints her, that her daughter hasn’t dutifully squeezed out a fresh glass of vitamin C. And it disappoints me too.

Hereby I state that the situation of whenever a child is asked to do something repeatedly on a daily or frequent basis, and the answer given by the child is always, or mostly the same (yes or no depending on the situation), with the parent being quite perceptibly exasperated is called The Orange Juice Complex.

('This much' OJ equates to the first third of my index finger. NOT ENOUGH DUDE.)

The End. Scroll back up.