Sunday, April 12, 2009
ACMI was fun. I got to make my own stop motion movie with my sister. It was called 'Mouse in the House.' It was about a mouse appearing out of nowhere into the African savannah. The gorilla, tiger, rhino, giraffe and hippo were scared. But then the gorilla stomped on the mouse's head and physically abused the mouse so much that the mouse ran away...somewhere.

Here's a really lame 'How to' on how to make a stop motion movie. Now pay attention.

1.Prepare a script and set. Have your characters ready.
2. Put the characters into place.
3. Take a photo.
4. Make the movie by continually moving the characters a small fraction from how they were before. Then take a photo of that position. Note: the more pictures you take, the longer your movie will be and the more actions you 'skip' will make your movie shorter and vice versa.
5. Repeat step 4 until you have finished 'filming' your movie.
6. Using a movie creating/editing program, load all the photos you have taken in sequential
7. Add in credits, music, oh, and the title of course!
8. View your movie, 'cause you're done :) Now you can upload it onto YouTube or etc...

This is a really, really, really basic way on how to create a stop motion movie. You can make much fancier productions by searching a 'How to' into your favourite search engine. (Brrrrrm, brrrrrm.)


Jin Ai said...

What's ACMI? I've always wanted to make a stop motion animation but was too lazy :P my problem is that I get all these ideas in my head about what I want to do, and then I panic because I'm afraid of becoming old and boring or not having enough time to do anything :P
oh, and in my school, to "asian fail" means to get anything lower than an A- (or sometimes, lower than an A) because only a stereotypical Asian would consider it failing.

Black Rider said...

Sweet! can't wait to try it!

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