This is the most radical photoshop tutorial site I've seen. Far-out dude! Total Vintage, Pop and Retro stuff.

I had no internet.
And now I have no time.
My school thinks we are geniuses.
I am not.
I don't think I can cope.
But a chocolate fudge brownie will help.
I'll blog when it's the weekend. Then hopefully I might have time.
Finally, Circular Functions has been completed. For now. Eeeeeek!

P.S: Doesn't it feel like as if time is going by too fast? Well, I know WHY!


Thumb Biter said...

I thought circles were relations, not functions.
lol I'm a geek...sorry about the school stuff though :P
I took one look at that site and fell in love. Thanks!

brave chickens said...

T.B/Jin Ai: Aaaagh, do not remind me! Circular functions is trig but with circles instead of triangles. Sine/cosine/Tangent graphs all make a circle. Circle, circle, circle. THEY NEVER END! LOOK AT PI!

I'm a nerdgirl. And proud. Please don't hesitate to be a geekgirl. We are a sisterhood.

Thumb Biter said...

Lol. I've never heard them described as circular functions (or if I did I was sleeping)
What grade are you in?

brave chickens said...

Erm, I believe the American equivalent would be Sophomore. We start school in January though (very sensible). How about you?
I can understand why you were asleep. :)

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