Dear not so dear Durian

Monday, February 22, 2010

I find the fact that your head really is bigger than a certain person's butt to be true, to the power of 10. I also find the fact of why you are such a 'Durian,' as mentioned by my close friends also to be true. You are a mean and nasty piece of work, who doesn't even know what the word procrastination means. You try to act 'cool,' always caring about image and being 'bad.' I find that quite unhealthy, since seeing the fact that you unfortunately do have a brain with potentional is going all to waste. You consider girls as objects, and frankly, you are what some people call a 'tool.'

One day, when you are an adult, with your own family, please reflect and please do feel guilty about your wrong ways.

You disgust me.

P.S: I know you will never ever fi dor read or even recognise that the person in question is you. I suppose blogs are too 'uncool' and will destroy your so-called 'image.' I am quite sure not many people like you, even remotely.

P.P.S: In respect to the mighty 'king of fruits' you are named after, please do not flatter yourself. The spiky exterior and unsavoury smell is what you're like more.

Why do I seem to Hate everything?

Friday, February 12, 2010
Right now, I feel like kicking, slapping and yelling at objects and people. I have no idea why. My hormones maybe? Heh, I don't think so (I know myself that well).

Lately, I seem to hate people. And hate the way things are. I don't know why. I'm not usually like that. Lots of things are just starting to annoy me. I can trust many people. I don't want to talk yet I seem to talk when I really don't want to.

It's not stress. It's like it's in my heart.

I just feel very bored and tired with everything. I feel that people don't understand me.

Yes...I think writing this has helped me feel better.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Don't Forget To Be Awesome is a Nerdfighter's 'thing.' Which is why I recommend for whoever who is reading this, to visit the VlogBrothers channel on YouTube, which is co-owned (can a username be owned...?) by brothers Hank and John Green (btw, if you haven't noticed, John Green is the awesome author of 'An Abundance of Katherines' 'Looking for Alaska' and 'Paper Towns'). So, c'mon. Educate and entertain yourself all at once!
On a side note, since I'm entering a competiton, and as always, I'd love to win, therefore I'd like to increase my chances of winning by posting a link to a book giveaway on Steph Bowe's blog (hmm, she doesn seem to give away a lot of books throgh comps it seems). Here is the link (oh wait, it's here). It closes February 14th, and is an international competition.)
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