Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Don't Forget To Be Awesome is a Nerdfighter's 'thing.' Which is why I recommend for whoever who is reading this, to visit the VlogBrothers channel on YouTube, which is co-owned (can a username be owned...?) by brothers Hank and John Green (btw, if you haven't noticed, John Green is the awesome author of 'An Abundance of Katherines' 'Looking for Alaska' and 'Paper Towns'). So, c'mon. Educate and entertain yourself all at once!
On a side note, since I'm entering a competiton, and as always, I'd love to win, therefore I'd like to increase my chances of winning by posting a link to a book giveaway on Steph Bowe's blog (hmm, she doesn seem to give away a lot of books throgh comps it seems). Here is the link (oh wait, it's here). It closes February 14th, and is an international competition.)


The Irregular Girl said...

I just learned that:

The smallest NFL player weighs 180 pounds, New Orleans's symbol was the King of France's, and the Colts had the first cheerleaders.

Thank you for the link!!

brave chickens said...

no problem!
just...DFTBA! :D

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