Dusty lah. Sure ah? Yes lah.

Thursday, September 24, 2009
Above: circular Quay in a vision of orange.

Sydney, one of the largest cities of Australia, is suffering from a case of Dusty. There's been a very big duststorm, covering the city with red particles. 75 000 tonnes of it that is.

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Not so good news for the elderly and asthamatics I suppose. Maybe the aliens are behind this catastrophe? Seeing that the east coast of Australia has recently suffered from an earthquake, a dustrom and a bushfire.

Pop Art Ponies

Saturday, September 19, 2009
Chewbucca smilin' :)

Remember My Little Ponies? Those oh-so-cute fake haired and mostly in little-girl-friendly-colours? Well, A Finnish artist has decided to make something much more cooler woth a pink plastic pony and its purple hair. Mari Kasurinen uses these ponies as her canvas. She creates pop art with them. She has a whole collection of these awesome wonders.

Here (lah) are some sci-fi My Little Ponies.
(sorry, I couldn't find a slideshow/images of Mari's whole collection, and I'm too lazy to do so. Maybe some other time...)
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