How OK is USA and its different regions?

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I found this on the Montague Prject blog owner's website. It is a funny chloropleth map of America It can also be seen here.
Sunday, June 28, 2009
Yesterday, as I was musing on what I can blog about. I then began to reminisce about all those TV shows which I loved to watch on telly. So...why not make a list?

1. The Wild Thornberrys
An absolutely mega-awesome show. Eliza can talk to animals, and travels all around the world in their Combi or whatever they call it with her older sister Debbie, wild jungle kid Danny and her Mom and Dad. If I had a life like this, whoa man, it'll be great.

2. Being Ian
I didn't like to watch this show, because the characters and everything else were drawn very strangely. But in the past year or two I've come to love this animated comedy. Ian sure has an overactive imagination. P.S: What on EARTH happened to Ian's dad in that still?
3. Fairly Odd Parents
Who doesn't like this show? It's so hilarious, and now that I'm older I kinda get the jokes they make for older viewers too. Like seriously, a young kid won't know who Stephen Hawking or what Jekyll and Hyde is, but I do.

4. The Rugrats
Oooh, I loved this show too. This reminds me, my best friend can actually play the theme/intro song on keyboard and piano! Angelica's antics always had me saying "OMG, who wants to be friends with her?" I liked the whole gang whoever, but now I think of the Rugrats, Suzie was the most sensible and interesting child there.

5. Avatar: The Last Air Bender
I've only watched book one and a few episodes of book two. And I found out what happens through Wikipedia. I also really love its theme/intro music and the music in the credits too.

6. Bootleg
Not really a TV show, as it's a mini TV movie based on Alex Shearer's book of the same title, I like the idea of fighting against the man to legalise chocolate. P.S: To the right is a picture of the book.

7. Daria
Yeah. This girl is so awesome, she doesn’t even know it. I love how blasé she is with everything. She's a satirist. When I was younger I didn't really understand Daria, but as a teenager now I do. And the theme song is by a band called Garbage. Like, whoa! Na na na na na, This is my life...Gotta go hard...

8. Cybergirl
This was a pretty cool show too, by the same people who made Ocean Girl or something. Basically, it's about this girl who's from another planet and escapes for some reason and comes to earth. She is continually being pursued by these two bounty hunters from her planet. Alas, she finds a home with a father and son and is disguised as their cousin. I can't remember any of her adventures, but it was a fun show to watch.

9. 2030 CE
Dude, I watched this show five years ago. Then I couldn't remember the name of the show for three and a half years. But then I did remember it, but I don't know where I can watch the show again. The show was about an era (hint, hint, 2030 CE) where people can't live past the age of 30. This guy and his younger sister were trying to fight the system, and ended up joining an underground movement.

10. Seriously Weird
Just as the show's name suggest it was seriously weird. The main character, who is the one of the biggest neat freaks and perfectionists in history, faces all these weird things which keep on happening to him. This show was funny.
Oh, just to add, I couldn't remember the show's name. But I remember seeing the main character in an episode of Bones. I love it when I recognise people from other shows! So anyways, thanks to IMDB I found out the dude who played Harris Pembelton and viola.

Here is a list of all the shows on ABC Kids, one of my favourite TV channels.
And why are most of the TV shows Nickelodeon?

Feather Loss

Saturday, June 27, 2009
My chicken is loosing feathers. Which is so sad. The other hen, who is deliciously stuffed with natural chickness is so feathery you somewhat loose yourself in her featherness.

My poor little baby is moulting. And let me tell you, the weather is cold. Poor thing.

All day she sits under the lemon tree with her sister. Or under a chair in our garage. You can find her beautiful feathers everywhere, which reminds me of dandruff. Which is gross. Because when you do manage to grab hold of her, she is very fidgety (more than usual) and you can see all this white stuff she leaves behind on your clothes, which I call dandruff but isn't dandruff. This 'dandruff' is from her feather's quills. Because she is moulting, all the old feathers fall out. So dead skin or dead quilll stuff also fall out.

She looks much more patchier than the white chicken on the right, and she looks very pained indeed. Under her gizzard there is a patch of no feathers, just like a receeding hairline on a bald man's head. I wish I could talk to her and ask her is there's anything she wants. Maybe I should try and scare her and her sister with the various apparatus I find around the backyard...

Cathy's Book

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I've heard about this book and I've seen it on
It's an ARG (Alternate Reality Game) book where you're given numbers, note and little tid bits of information to find out where Cathy went. The phone numbers given are...callable! I want this book, NOW.

Here's a link to a Wikipedia on Cathy's Book. It makes me drool even more. Why? Because there are TWO more books in the series.

Why don't I live in Les Etats-Unis? Then I could win a copy from

P.S: Even the cover is so...awesome

The Microwave

Tuesday, June 23, 2009
Our microwave is playing games with us
It freezes its touch pad
So we can't heat our food
This is absolutely moronic and satanic
And causes me difficulty
'Cause I can't warm up food
To eat.

I've got my eye on you Microwave
I'll make sure you're fixed
My mother says she'll get a new one
But the things only two years old!
My chickens are older and function much better
So I'm on your case, from now

Book Reviews Blog

Sunday, June 14, 2009
I have a new blog specifically for book reviews. It is here. My book reviews blog has been made because I've noticed that most book reviews are quite long to read. I'm the type of person who would just like a general idea of the book and how good/bad it might be. So to cater for the lack of short, simple and to the point book reviews, I've created To The Point Book Reviews. It will feature mostly those YA books I have read, including new and old titles.

So it'd be great to check out and give me an idea! And yes, I know the layout is extremely yuck looking. Also, if anyone is willing to contibute as well, just let me know via the comments on wither this or my book reviews blog. Lets just hope I can stay dedicated enough to keep it up and running (along with this blog XD )

Craziness Needed ASAP

Thursday, June 4, 2009
Hello my few existent/more likely non-existent blog readers (it's ok. Less readers=less pressure to tap out blog posts.)

I need your help with crazy ideas, experiences and stories which have happened to you, so I can be inspired and include in my first writing project (fingers crossed that I stay comitted enough to finish it)! Anyways, by crazy ideas, experiences and stories I mean something which may have happened to you or a friend or a friend of a friend and etc..For example, one crazy idea was to swap name tags at school photo day, so the photos will come out swapped between two friends. Or meeting a psycho gal at a concert, becoming her friend on MySpace, and then becoming enemies, who threatens you she'll break your legs. The two examples I mentioned are true, So I need stuff like that, if it's possible. But I am quite welcome of all ideas, experiences, stories and anything else which anyone/everyone can offer. Tell your friends and whoever you can who won't mind sharing their thoughts. I just need inspiration, and if I do use that idea, I will credit it.

Mega thanks :)
The End. Scroll back up.