Cathy's Book

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I've heard about this book and I've seen it on
It's an ARG (Alternate Reality Game) book where you're given numbers, note and little tid bits of information to find out where Cathy went. The phone numbers given are...callable! I want this book, NOW.

Here's a link to a Wikipedia on Cathy's Book. It makes me drool even more. Why? Because there are TWO more books in the series.

Why don't I live in Les Etats-Unis? Then I could win a copy from

P.S: Even the cover is so...awesome


bloody awful poetry said...

That si so cool, yo. And mucho original1 I didn't even know there were such books out there. They're not like, way more expensive than regular novels are they?

brave chickens said...

Hmmm, I don't think they're more expensive than a normal novel. Maybe just slightly?

Thumb Biter said...

lol I just entered every contest they have on that site :D thanks! I should see if they have it at the library; it looks really interesting.

Last year I made a tutorial for plastic yarn:

Thanks :P actually I just found out it's not really summer it IS nerd camp, but I just travel there every day.

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