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Sunday, June 14, 2009
I have a new blog specifically for book reviews. It is here. My book reviews blog has been made because I've noticed that most book reviews are quite long to read. I'm the type of person who would just like a general idea of the book and how good/bad it might be. So to cater for the lack of short, simple and to the point book reviews, I've created To The Point Book Reviews. It will feature mostly those YA books I have read, including new and old titles.

So it'd be great to check out and give me an idea! And yes, I know the layout is extremely yuck looking. Also, if anyone is willing to contibute as well, just let me know via the comments on wither this or my book reviews blog. Lets just hope I can stay dedicated enough to keep it up and running (along with this blog XD )


Thumb Biter said...

:( I feel so bad for Charles..he looks lonely D:
Well, my parents discovered Chickpea when they noticed that Charles kept flapping around and cheeping, and they decided to throw her away because it might be unsafe or something to bury her :( :(
Maybe I really should give Charles to a farm so he has friends...but I want to find out what kind of farm it is before I just send him off there, lol :D
Of course I'll still be blogging! But Australia is a pretty cool place too, haha.

Anonymous said...

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