The Microwave

Tuesday, June 23, 2009
Our microwave is playing games with us
It freezes its touch pad
So we can't heat our food
This is absolutely moronic and satanic
And causes me difficulty
'Cause I can't warm up food
To eat.

I've got my eye on you Microwave
I'll make sure you're fixed
My mother says she'll get a new one
But the things only two years old!
My chickens are older and function much better
So I'm on your case, from now


Dahlia said...

I love the new look! very nice. :)

brave chickens said...

Thanks :)
It took me ages to find a layout I like, and I was trying to shorten the recent posts list too.It's too long!

bloody awful poetry said...

OK three things;

1. LOVE the new look!

2. I love microwaves, they are lifesavers.

3. And I'd be honoured to be interviewd!! Sure! Leave your mega-comment thing on my blog, feel free, and let me know what to do =D

Thumb Biter said...

Haha, awesome layout. It's actually really simple - I use plastic yarn (normal yarn can be used too, but plastic is more interesting, and why spend money on public art? :D) to knit a rectangle as wide as the circumference of the pole (yes, I carry around a tape measure) as long as I want.
Then, I stake out the pole sketchily until nobody is in sight, and sew up the sides...or, if I'm lazy, I make tassels beforehand and just tie them together. I've also heard of buttons being used :P
you should try it! It's a lot of fun, especially watching people's reactions to your work (and less illegal than spray paint).
If you can't knit, there are hundreds of other types of non-permanent, less-illegal-than-paint graffiti out there....

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