Craziness Needed ASAP

Thursday, June 4, 2009
Hello my few existent/more likely non-existent blog readers (it's ok. Less readers=less pressure to tap out blog posts.)

I need your help with crazy ideas, experiences and stories which have happened to you, so I can be inspired and include in my first writing project (fingers crossed that I stay comitted enough to finish it)! Anyways, by crazy ideas, experiences and stories I mean something which may have happened to you or a friend or a friend of a friend and etc..For example, one crazy idea was to swap name tags at school photo day, so the photos will come out swapped between two friends. Or meeting a psycho gal at a concert, becoming her friend on MySpace, and then becoming enemies, who threatens you she'll break your legs. The two examples I mentioned are true, So I need stuff like that, if it's possible. But I am quite welcome of all ideas, experiences, stories and anything else which anyone/everyone can offer. Tell your friends and whoever you can who won't mind sharing their thoughts. I just need inspiration, and if I do use that idea, I will credit it.

Mega thanks :)


bloody awful poetry said...

Aaaaaaah I see, so this is what all the dream-stealing was about!
Go ahead, dude! Steal all the craziness you can find off my blog. I'd be honoured to be your inspiration =D

Thumb Biter said...

Oh wow. I've had many crazy experiences, but none worth putting in a story...they're more like crazy moments.
BTW, sorry I'm so spacey but you're the same person who wrote the random irregular blog, right??
hahaha sorry if I'm wrong.

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