Feather Loss

Saturday, June 27, 2009
My chicken is loosing feathers. Which is so sad. The other hen, who is deliciously stuffed with natural chickness is so feathery you somewhat loose yourself in her featherness.

My poor little baby is moulting. And let me tell you, the weather is cold. Poor thing.

All day she sits under the lemon tree with her sister. Or under a chair in our garage. You can find her beautiful feathers everywhere, which reminds me of dandruff. Which is gross. Because when you do manage to grab hold of her, she is very fidgety (more than usual) and you can see all this white stuff she leaves behind on your clothes, which I call dandruff but isn't dandruff. This 'dandruff' is from her feather's quills. Because she is moulting, all the old feathers fall out. So dead skin or dead quilll stuff also fall out.

She looks much more patchier than the white chicken on the right, and she looks very pained indeed. Under her gizzard there is a patch of no feathers, just like a receeding hairline on a bald man's head. I wish I could talk to her and ask her is there's anything she wants. Maybe I should try and scare her and her sister with the various apparatus I find around the backyard...


Thumb Biter said...

Aww! Your chickens are beautiful :> lol. Hope she gets better...hug them for me :D
would it be possible to keep them indoors or something because of the cold?

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