Les mots used at ma l'ecole

Monday, May 24, 2010
Wag: to skip school
Brah: bro' or brother
Uleh: (I'm guessing it's kid...?/unsure)
Faaaar man: unbelievable
Whattahead: a 'famous quote' from a recetnly popular Youtube video.
Various profanities
Jahash: donkey
Greasy: a mean smirk and stare
Cut: hurt or offended

*if I remember any other words I'll just put them up.

Ironic, no?

Friday, May 21, 2010
Being a teenager is all about learning new things, new experiences and discovering your own 'identity.' Well, part of forming your own 'identity' as a teen is to be unique, different, trendy and cool, at least for a good proportion of the teens out there. What I found ironic is, that the many teenager out there who are trying to be unique, different, trendy and cool (let's abbreviate this to UDTC) are so absorbed into not being too mainstream that overall, a good proportion of these teens become exactly alike.

A)"OMG, did you watch the latest episode of Skins?"
B) "I guess it's a pretty &*^! ephiphany"
C) "I like photography and cold winter days when I can see the leaves on the trees changsing shades from.. "
D) "The new song by *insert muscician/band's name* is insanely awesome and hypnotic."

Now, if a good proportion (third time) of teenagers say similar sounding things to each other, then they're not UDTC. It's just like this: Only a few people have three hands. This is weird and different (genetic mutation...?). But if everyone has three hands, it is not weird and different, but normal.

Ice Queen

Tuesday, May 18, 2010
I know for a fact that to those who I don’t know very well or closely, I come off as a very cold and snobby person. However, I am not a cold hearted pompous being. I don’t like to talk much, nor do I like to share much personal information. I don’t make that many jokes, and I am very sarcastic. I won't be smiling much either. But that is only because I don’t know the other person very well. For those people who I do know and I’m quite comfortable with, I can become pretty difficult to keep quite and stop goofing off.
I really have no idea how I can become less 'cold and snobby' and more 'friendly.' I love to meet new people and learn about/from them nad become friends, but I'm just too...quiet and hesitant. Honestly, I wish I wasn't at times. I feel like I automatically put up a barrier between me and the other person, unintentioanlly of course. It just feels so...hindering....?

Also, in emotional situations, I feel quite uncomfortable. I feel very awkward, indeed. I have to feign caring and soothing actions. I mena, I understand the other person and all, but I just can't connect (unless it's some very close to me, such as a family member).

Pens, pencils, ruler, glue, GDC...where's my eraser?

Thursday, May 13, 2010
I'm not sure if anyone else is, but I'm quite pedantic regarding my stationary.
Yes, that's right, stationary.

I don't mind giving it out to people to borrow and etc... but I like to have all my stationary back in my pencil case with me in their proper pockets (I haz zip peNcil caSe). Also, I become really frustrated when I loose an item. As usual, I conclude that someone has stolen it. Which actually has happend (just so you know, if you find a stationary item, it doesn't mean you can keep it. Leave it where you found it).

Are there people out there like me who share the same views? I don't think so... at least with those whom I know.

Oh well, I really should stop procrastinating. I do too much of it anyways. Ugh, j'ai mes devoirs pour la chimie (pardon my French with its grammar and all- but I must practice in order to improve, oui, oui!).
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