Ironic, no?

Friday, May 21, 2010
Being a teenager is all about learning new things, new experiences and discovering your own 'identity.' Well, part of forming your own 'identity' as a teen is to be unique, different, trendy and cool, at least for a good proportion of the teens out there. What I found ironic is, that the many teenager out there who are trying to be unique, different, trendy and cool (let's abbreviate this to UDTC) are so absorbed into not being too mainstream that overall, a good proportion of these teens become exactly alike.

A)"OMG, did you watch the latest episode of Skins?"
B) "I guess it's a pretty &*^! ephiphany"
C) "I like photography and cold winter days when I can see the leaves on the trees changsing shades from.. "
D) "The new song by *insert muscician/band's name* is insanely awesome and hypnotic."

Now, if a good proportion (third time) of teenagers say similar sounding things to each other, then they're not UDTC. It's just like this: Only a few people have three hands. This is weird and different (genetic mutation...?). But if everyone has three hands, it is not weird and different, but normal.


bloody awful poetry said...

I know what you mean - it's like going out of the box only to end up in another box. The UDTC simply becomes another from of mainstream. And therefore totally redundant.
And I must admit that a lot of the music I listen to, especially, is extremely out-of-the-mainstream, but I believe (and I hope I'm not deluding myself) that I listen to these bands because I love the music they make and not purely because I have to make a statement to everyone I know about how cool I am for not listening to the radio like "normal" people. Although sometimes I do get very snobby =P

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