Ice Queen

Tuesday, May 18, 2010
I know for a fact that to those who I don’t know very well or closely, I come off as a very cold and snobby person. However, I am not a cold hearted pompous being. I don’t like to talk much, nor do I like to share much personal information. I don’t make that many jokes, and I am very sarcastic. I won't be smiling much either. But that is only because I don’t know the other person very well. For those people who I do know and I’m quite comfortable with, I can become pretty difficult to keep quite and stop goofing off.
I really have no idea how I can become less 'cold and snobby' and more 'friendly.' I love to meet new people and learn about/from them nad become friends, but I'm just too...quiet and hesitant. Honestly, I wish I wasn't at times. I feel like I automatically put up a barrier between me and the other person, unintentioanlly of course. It just feels so...hindering....?

Also, in emotional situations, I feel quite uncomfortable. I feel very awkward, indeed. I have to feign caring and soothing actions. I mena, I understand the other person and all, but I just can't connect (unless it's some very close to me, such as a family member).


heart/and/soul said...

I read your post just after you posted it but I didnt reply for some reason. I think I was just reading blogs without replying that time.

I'm just so glad I have someone on the same boat as me. Not everyone is good with first impressions - I certainly am not one of these people. It takes quite a while to actually get to know me.
If we sink, we'll sink together... lol

brave chickens said...

Same wavelength sis :)

I just noticed my typos, aaaaagh! Embarassing.

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