Les mots used at ma l'ecole

Monday, May 24, 2010
Wag: to skip school
Brah: bro' or brother
Uleh: (I'm guessing it's kid...?/unsure)
Faaaar man: unbelievable
Whattahead: a 'famous quote' from a recetnly popular Youtube video.
Various profanities
Jahash: donkey
Greasy: a mean smirk and stare
Cut: hurt or offended

*if I remember any other words I'll just put them up.


heart/and/soul said...

Doesnt 'uleh' mean like 'whattttt?' or 'really'? haha idk my sis uses it all the time.

Jin Ai said...

LOL I just reblogged this.

brave chickens said...

h/&/s: I'm not sure really, but I think it's from the world child. Meh.

Jin Ai: hehe XD

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