Pens, pencils, ruler, glue, GDC...where's my eraser?

Thursday, May 13, 2010
I'm not sure if anyone else is, but I'm quite pedantic regarding my stationary.
Yes, that's right, stationary.

I don't mind giving it out to people to borrow and etc... but I like to have all my stationary back in my pencil case with me in their proper pockets (I haz zip peNcil caSe). Also, I become really frustrated when I loose an item. As usual, I conclude that someone has stolen it. Which actually has happend (just so you know, if you find a stationary item, it doesn't mean you can keep it. Leave it where you found it).

Are there people out there like me who share the same views? I don't think so... at least with those whom I know.

Oh well, I really should stop procrastinating. I do too much of it anyways. Ugh, j'ai mes devoirs pour la chimie (pardon my French with its grammar and all- but I must practice in order to improve, oui, oui!).


heart/and/soul said...

Salut amie!

Long time no speaaak! :)

Omg yes Im as pedantic as you. I only have one or two pens that I regularly use (and they're not cheap), so I'd hate if I ever do lose them. I only carry those two things to uni (yes, people usually only bring a pen and a book to uni, ppl hardly bring pencil cases anymore. Maybe in other faculties, but this is the case for Arts students :D)

You know what I find annoying? When I lose the cap for my highlighter...or pens, anything! =O

brave chickens said...

I find that annoying too. It makes me feel that the pen cannot be taken outside of the house. I don't know why, but that's just how I feel :S

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