Rant: Facebook

Thursday, April 1, 2010
Yeah, that website.
That website which you end up wasting so much time on.

I really don't like Facebook. All those groups and fan pages and useless apps are annoying. Also, the way people present themselves of Facebook is also quite discomforting for me. I know some people who just change on Facebook. Their personalities and everything. It's just so strnage for me. I'm the quiet reclusive type. Yes, I comment, like and what not, but I definitely don't try to be someone 'cooler' or 'older' or 'wilder' that what I am.

One aspect of Facebook which really irks me though, is the PRIVACY. Yup, that's right. It's not very private if you think about it. Why? Because since the new Facebook layout came in, privacy settings were changed. People haven't realised this. But me, being the neurotic about privacy amongst other things, immediately changed my settings as soon as I found out. Even though I have no photos of myself , nor do I have anything to hide, the fact that a stanger can know what I've been doing online on Facebook is creepy. Privacy is another reason why I don't join groups or fan pages. It's pretty obvious that once you do, your name comes up in the list of 'fans' or whatever it is for that page/group/fan page/etc... From there, people can know stuff about you. Furthermore, the types of groups/fan pages/pages/etc... you join can reveal things such as your location. An example: "I survived the *insert date and location* thunderstorm. Big whoop.

Yes, I know I sound like a killjoy or whatever the word is for a teenager who isn't very teenagerish. I mostly use Facebook to contact people whom I don't have on MSN (I rarely use that either) or to contact a certain individual who has some very special time telling abilities, hehe.

Here's another Facebook related blog post by the Anonymous Weekly Bloggers (three bloggers who are very articulate and superb bloggers).


The Golden Eagle said...

"Killjoys", in my opinion, often are a bit more reasonable in my opinion. I may be a teenager, but I definitely agree with you on Facebook/privacy even though I've never tried myself, and I don't think I will anytime soon.

heart/and/soul said...

I find it so strange how you and I are so much alike. I dont use msn and only use fb on occasions. I have never liked facebook, and never will. I had it a year ago, and then deactivated my acc for a whole 12 months cause I couldnt put up with it, but just came back on cause I lost touch with the ppl I loved. I seriously find it such a waste of time, and I dont understand how people can use it everyday - leave pointless messages and comments. And I hate how everyone tries to compete with each other to see how many friends they have on fb. They're not even your friends! They're just people you know or have only met once or twice in real life and would never say anything to them in person.

Gah. I just gave my rant for the day.

Happy Holidays though :)

Sir Miffington Quack Quack said...

Facebook has been my nemisis ever since it wouldn't let me put my name as Sir Miffington, but I've always felt uneasy about it. I still don't have it, but it annoys me when people put up photos of me. Oh well, what can you do?

bloody awful poetry said...

The thing that bugs me most about Facebook is the whole "friends" aspect. These are people you barely know, don't know at all, haven't spoken to in years, barely interact with online and will most probably ignore you (or not even recognize you) on the street. Seriously. And then comes all those juvenile, ridiculous, pointless apps and games and invites to stupid groups and communities and GAH. Honestly I don't even know why I use it, except to keep in touch with a few close friends. And don't worry, you're not a killjoy =)

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