RE: Anonymous 'commentors'

Thursday, April 1, 2010
Anonymous people cannot comment on my blog from now on because 'advertising' or the 'word of mouth' has reached an extent where people are hired to comment *cough* SPAM *cough* on people's blogs with their product or service.



heart/and/soul said...

OMG, I cannot even begin to say how annoooyyyying it is! I get these chinese spams on my blog and I cant understand what it says cause I dont read chinese!! =( lol

heart/and/soul said...

Hi Darl, i posted up the cookie recipe you requested :)

Sorry it took me a few days, have just finished my assignments for the week! Woo hoo its the holidays now.

ps. You should come to the Mercy mission conference this weekend if you can. It's at Melb u. Ask for details if you're interested :)

pss. how did you still want the cake? lol

brave chickens said...

merci beaucoup pour la recipe! :)

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