Friday, March 26, 2010
Ever since I attended a zine workshop, I've had this vision of making a zine.
The only problem is...on what?
I'm still pretty young, so I can't set up an Agony Aunt type zine (or maybe I can 'cause I've been called an 'owl').
My artistic side isn't totally fab. And anyways, I don't like reading artistic zines. I want words too.
If I do a short stories zine, I'm scared that my stories will be too sucky.
And if I do a zine about ME, I really don't want ANYONE figuring out who I am. I'm just that type of person.

Also, the only way to get my zine out to the public would be through a shop in the city. I have transport issues unfortunately.

So, does anyone actually even know what a zine is (no Wiki-ing now!). Have you ever read one? Have you ever made one? Would you be interesting in co-authoring with me (which I doubt 'cause I know I'm some dumb lil' kid)


heart/and/soul said...

man Im feeling really blonde now cause I have absolutely no idea what a ZINE is...or even how to pronounce it...

Sorry, I cheated and looked it up in my dic, ohhh I see what it is now... =p

I wouldnt recommend you to 'co-author' with me cause I'd just let you down. lol

brave chickens said...

LOL, that's ok :)
and being Asian, you can NEVER be a blonde, no matter how hard you may try (or feel blonde) :D

bloody awful poetry said...

Maybe you could make it about what you know and love best? Books, perhaps? It's imprtant to do what you enjoy first, before pandering to anyone else's tastes.


That could help. Have fun =)

brave chickens said...

LOL BAP, I know how to make one :D I've been to this workshop which is where I leanrt about them and stuff.
The only thing for me to do is to get all my ideas onto paper. Unfortunately, like many things, it's just in my head, hehe.

You know, if you made a zine, you'll have, like, a few thousdand readers. Just like your blog, it'll be so funny and educational (eg: teaching us words like defenestrate) :)

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