Friday, April 17, 2009
An excellent series of books by author Malcolm Rose is called Traces. Set in a world where your fate is decided from the age of five and where technology rules, the reader follows a young FI named Luke Harding on his many crime/mystery forensic cases. Luke is assisted by his Mobile Aide to Law and Crime (otherwise called Malc) and together the pair have helped The Authorities solve cases from identity theft to suspicious deaths.

In recommend this series to those who like to read about crime, 'who-dunnits' and also a bit of science in their mix.

The books in the sereis so far, in chronological order:
1. Framed
2. Lost Bullet
3. Roll Call
4. Double Check
5. Final Lap
6. Blood Brother

Happy Reading :)


Fish Poke said...

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Jin Ai said...

Sounds interesting. I should check the library.

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