Update on my week so far

Friday, May 1, 2009
Ugh. Both of my big toes are red and blistered. I cannot walk with the comfort a normal person can. I stick on band-aids and those special blister plasters, but my toes still hurt. >.<

The Swine Flu. Whooaaaa. It's EVERYWHERE (I mean on the news, not as in everyone's got it, God forbid).

I need to complete two Maths exercises, write up an oration, complete Religious Education questions by presenting the information graphically (haha, nobody could understand what to do, and as it was the last class of the week, the majority of us could not pay attention) and most like do some other time consuming homework which I can't remember right now.

Oh, and mid-year exams are coming up.


bloody awful poetry said...

The swine flu thing is scary man =(

And I have mid-terms coming up soon too! Good luck with em!

brave chickens said...

Thanks :) I'll need it!

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