Letters (Dear Me)

Friday, July 30, 2010
I think a good way to express my feelings and think about things would be to write letters. Letters to anyone or anything which I love or hate and anything in between.

Dear Me,

  • I really wish you would stop procrastinating so much. Really, you didn't used to be as bad as this. At this rate... you'll suffer very painfully.
  • Try to share more about yourself with your friends. They care for you, and will want the best. You would do anything (apart from anything that's worng...obviously), and since they're your friends, you should be honest about any problems you might be having in life.
  • Please don't act too awkward around people. Or ignore them because you don't know if you should say 'hello' or not.
  • Be more direct and opinionated with those who aren't close family or friends.  
  • Cook more often, maybe once a week. Mum and Dad would be really please.
  • Don't be lazy. Eat! If you can't be bothered to get yourself something, eat a banana.
  • Don't take other people's problems upon your shoulders too often.
  • Write and blog more. You always have so many ideas. Just scribble the ideas onto a notebook. It won't take too much time.
  • Draw and knit as well. If you'd stop procrastinating, you'd get more homework done, therefore you can do the things you like to do for fun.
  • Improve your fashion sense. It's not that good. Find someone and learn from them, before you make me cringe at a constant rate.
  • Sleep earlier.
  • Stop thinking about chickens too much. For crying out loud, you're too old to keep thinking about your pets and making up cute lil' rhymes about them.
  • Get better at martial arts and enter a competiton. Then win one, if you can.
  • Those weird habits you have...try to stop them, yeah?
Well, I've written more of a list than a letter. Lists are just more efficient, I guess. I hope you consider 'suggestions' and look back on them. Cheers.


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