If you want to do an overseas prank call, here is what you should do. Keep in mind that for some countries you will need to have credit (use real life money to buy). But in most cases, methinks (or with VoIP at least) America, Australia and the UK are free.

1. Download a voice over IP software (such as VoIP Raider).
2. Find the number you want to call. Use online phone directories.
3. Find the country and area codes of the number you want to call.
4. Call the number and talk. Please DO NOT be rude or say anything too scary.

Note: your location CAN be traced through your IP address.

I DO NOT HOLD LIABILITY AND I WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE IF ANYTHING GOES WRONG OR IF YOU GET INTO TROUBLE. (i.e: you've called up a psycho serial killer who has escaped imprisonment, etc...)


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