Friday, December 11, 2009
I have a long post coming up on this blog. I need to finish it up and edit it. It's edifying. It's about someone about to die.
I now have a real paying job at a nationwide retail outlet.
School's finished for the year. Woohoo!
I was nearly in a car accident (caused by the combination of bravechickens' learning driving status and her mother's fanatical driving...no mom, you're still awesome...)
I like to watch Oprah now.
I've discovered SO much of my homecity in the last few day compared to my whole lifetime. My homecity is COOL!
I've discovered the world of zines by an actually successful zine-maker. The guy looked like Adam from Mythbusters.
I'm addicted to Yahoo! Answers.
Hmmm, I also have a whole heap of book reviews to do as well.



CareMuslimah said...

LOOOOOOOOOL... that's so nasty girl! XD.. I love ur blog btw.. idk what's with me and not checking ur blog before..

love it foo(?) :P

bloody awful poetry said...

Dude I love Oprah. Like seriously. She's awesome =)

And a car accident! I'm glad it wasn't too serious but still.. :/

The End. Scroll back up.