Rant: sweethearts and darlings

Friday, December 25, 2009
Lately, as I now work in retail, the customers I serve puzzle me. Why? because They'd say something like "thank you darling" or "thanks sweetheart."

What's so wrong in being called darling or sweetheart you ask? Well, to begin with, I do appreciate the mannerism of 'thank you.' However, the fact that it's not only women, but men who say it too. Mostly they're people over 27. Wouldn't you find it kinda weird, especially if a man, who is maybe 30, wearing a white singlet (and most likely thongs), with a beard and a beer gut says "thanks sweetheart" as you give him back his change. TRUE STORY.

I'm the type of person who doesn't say darling or sweetheart or munchkins. I just prefer anonymous friendliness from a distance. No terms of endearment if I don't know you, thank you very much.

Another fact which irks me is when teachers say sweetheart or darling, especially if it's in an offhanded way. If you can't pay proper attention to what we're saying/doing/giving to you, then don't try to sugar coat your nonexistent attention span on us.


CareMuslimah said...

I agree sweetheart! XD

Thumb Biter said...

ugh word, those terms, unless used by a little old lady, are condescending no matter how they're said....and can be really creepy with 30-something men LOL

brave chickens said...

totes sweet darlingz!

bloody awful poetry said...

Absolutely, darling - those terms, when not used by old people or something, are patronizing and ridiculously superficial. ANYTHING, anything but sweetheart!

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