Irregular Kiki: An Interview with a deadly Death-Starer

Tuesday, July 21, 2009
Irregular Kiki, or I.K is one of the coolest and most awesomest people I have ever known. She used to blog regularly before, but not, sadly, she has other commitments and a busy schedule. However, you can spot her commenting on Ananka's Diary. Thankfully, I.K did have time to complete my interview and successfully managed to choke me on toothpaste (I was brushing my teeth when I first read her replies).

Screen name: Irregular Kiki

On Writing

What genre do you usually write?
I like imaginative writing, (is that a genre?). I like creative writing.

Which do you prefer, long term or short term writing projects (i.e. a novel compared to a short
I believe I enjoy short term writing projects. This may be because I have only recently picked up interest in writing, so maybe soon I'll be able to expand on storywriting to write novels.

How and who do you base your characters on?
Eeeerrrrrm.... Real people? Most of the one's I've written are written in first person and there has not been much description about these characters.

Can you give a brief synopsis on your current writing project?
What is a synopsis? I'll just guess.
My current writing project is to concentrate and force my brain to think of something to write about. It is most likely going to be a short, imaginative story. I want to write a story with unusual characters, like Harry Potter, but I'm not sure. And possibly, once I write this short story, I can expand on it and hopefully write an interesting novel.

If you were asked to write using a pseudonym, would you?
I have no idea what a pseudonym is. All I can say is, you have done a lot of reading and that is why you know so many hard words.

If you were asked to write a certain number or so of books for a specific series, would you?
Sure I would! I don't know how but I would!

Do you have any book recommendations?
darling t0tally r3ad d0lly magaz1ne, it c0mez with a free ha1r straighten3r with th1s m0nth'z issu3

How can those who are wanting to write but aren’t too great at English or don’t have ideas write? Can you share any tips?
Sit down and float your mind away into your favourite dream. If you are weird, crazy, and adventurous like me, you'll see a lot of things. Everybody sees different things. Some people see birds fluttering under the clouds. Some people see Formula 1 cars racing. Some people see fire breathing dragons flying down mountains, volcanoes erupting, trolls escaping, mountain creatures on the run.
It all depends on your personal experiences and what kind of person you are. My method is to just float your mind away and think about your adventure, and keep expanding on it, thinking about all the things you would like to happen, just like a movie. Then you can jot down your ideas, and every time you get the chance, just keep floating your mind away to expand your "movie". This makes it so easy to write down your story in detail.

General Stuff(these are very random)

Are you reading any books lately?
I am reading a book called 'Blue Bloods' recommended to me by a very dear friend.

What is your favourite book/story/novel called?
It is called...... hmm that's a tough question. I haven't even read that many books. N/A

What is your all time favourite cartoon?
My favourite cartoon would be The Simpsons and I like Family Guy too. Spongebob is also very good.

Do you like baked goods? If so, which ones?
I look at Masterchef and they make 5 desserts all at once, and I just want to eat every single one of them.
I always see delicious-looking desserts in recipe books, such as Chocolate Caramel Slice, and I just want to sink my teeth into the deliciousness, but sadly I am afraid that once I make it, nobody would enjoy it, and it would be a waste of ingredients.
I really love cake. I love cake so much, it is my favourite food. It is heavenly.

Winter or Summer?
Summer. I love outdoors because it's where I belong. :D

What piece of advice would you give on how to survive high school?
Ooooooooooh... this is a really hard one. It's so hard to survive high school, I think you should just forget about your studies, and just concentrate on being in the Co0l group. Being in the co0L group is really important and it is the key to surviving high school.
go0d luck w1th surv1v1ng h1gh sch0ol!

Glass half full or half empty?
I dont know what you mean by this but oh well. I prefer my mug full of coffee, with a bowl of icecream.

If you went to a party, what would you do there, or if you stayed at home, what would you do instead?
If I went to a party, it must be someone I know really well, so I'd hang out with my party pal! If I stayed at home, I'd chat on MSN and watch movies. And drink coffee and eat ice cream.

Facebook, MySpace, Orkut, Blogger, Live Journal and the likes. What is your opinion on sharing your life online?
Well, it is important not to go overboard with all this. Some people report their whole life on there thinking everyone cares - let me tell you, they don't really.


Irregular Kiki said...

Aww thanks Brave Chickens! I'd be more than happy to complete more interviews. And if you want to publish one of my short stories you can.

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