The Lovely Steph Bowe

Wednesday, July 15, 2009
I accidently stumbled upon her wonderful (and regularly posted on) blog a month or two ago. She writes YA fiction and spends her time with many othe creative outlets too, including photography. An Aussie teen scaling up Australia's top writer blogs, here I present to you Steph Bowe.

Name: Steph Bowe
Blog Address:

On Blogging

What does your screen name mean or stand for and why did you choose it?
I don't have a screen name - I'm just Steph Bowe.

Why did you start blogging?
For fun, and to get to know people in the YA book industry.

What do you aim to achieve through blogging?
To get to know people in the YA book industry, and get my novel published.

Can you give a brief outline on what you blog about?
Reading and writing YA fiction. Zombies, vampires and [B.C: It seems to be cut off for some


How do you think you would spend your time if you didn’t blog?
I'd write a bit more. I might even have a social life.

Blogger/Blogspot or Live Journal?
Blogger. I once had an LJ.

Would you consider your blog similar to a personal diary? Why or why not?
My blog is not a personal diary - it's about reading and writing, and a little bit of my life is thrown in, but not much.

If you were paid to blog, would you?

Would you ever consider blogging professionally?

On Writing

What genre do you usually write?
Contemporary YA. That means present day, real stuff. Mostly character driven. I don't consider it romance, but a lot of people tell me it is.

Which do you prefer, long term or short term writing projects (i.e. a novel compared to a short story)?
Novels. I've written two, working on a third.

How and who do you base your characters on?
Every character has a little bit of me. But they know who they are, and they form fully in my mind all on their own.

Can you give a brief synopsis on your current writing project?
That's top secret! I can, though.

If you were asked to write using a pseudonym, would you?
Sure, why not?

If you were asked to write a certain number or so of books for a specific series, would you?

Do you have any book recommendations?
Check out my blog for those :-)

How can those who are wanting to write but aren’t too great at English or don’t have ideas write?
Can you share any tips?
Okay, so in my mind if you don't have ideas and aren't good at English, you shouldn't write. But if you enjoy writing, just write all you can. You'll improve as you go.

General Stuff (these are very random)

Are you reading any books lately?

I am always reading.

What is your favourite book/story/novel called?
I have a list of favourites on my blog - I can't choose just one!

What is your all time favourite cartoon?
Hamtaro! Random, yes. I loved it when I was ten.

Do you like baked goods? If so, which ones?
What the hell are baked goods?? I like muffins.

Winter or Summer?
Autumn and Spring.

What piece of advice would you give on how to survive high school?
Haha! I don't go.

Glass half full or half empty?
The glass is half too big.

If you went to a party, what would you do there, or if you stayed at home, what would you do instead?
At a party: I talk to everyone. If there's alcohol, I find a soft drink instead. I dance and shout and hug most people. I throw things at people who hook up at parties (usually, I throw my shoes.) I don't tend to get invited to many parties after people see what I do.
At home: Write. Read. Check and recheck email.

Facebook, MySpace, Orkut, Blogger, Live Journal and the likes. What is your opinion on sharing your life online?
I am on MySpace and Twitter, I have my blog and I have my site. I share information online to publicise myself and my writing. I'm also on Flickr, so you can see photos of me, and I have a couple of video reviews on YouTube. My parents read and watch everything I put online, and as long as they're comfortable with it, I'm comfortable with it.

I love Mythbusters. Have you heard of them and do you watch/like it too?
LOVE Mythusters.

Chickens are extremely adorable creatures. What do you think about them (don’t mind offending me if you say they taste good, haha)?
LOVE chickens.

Kiki Strike kicks mega butt. Have you read the books?
I've read the first one.

Are my socks stripy enough?
Heck no.


Steph Bowe said...

thank you for interviewing me!!
I feel special :-)

bloody awful poetry said...

Nice! Ms. Bowie's blog intimidates me though, she's so committed. Please tell me she's older than me or something,

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