Hi, it's me again.

Sunday, October 7, 2012
I haven't posted since May last year. Wow. The reason is though, that I actually started blogging on Tumblr. Now, because Tumblr became too addictive for me (hence I gave my password to a close friend to stop me from logging in), I began to miss blogging.

Anyways, since I last posted on this blog, I graduated from high school and started university.  Alhamdulilah I got into the course I've wanted to be in since mid year 11 (when I first discovered the course). I also got my red and green Ps. I went to Tasmania (June 2011 I think) and Malaysia and Singapore (February 2012). I've made new friends at uni and a new friend from work. I've learnt Solidworks (don't know how much I still remember though LOL) and ID sketching. I've also had my nose pierced and my eyesight worsen (blame it on the iPad I bought and am typing this from!). Maybe I've grown taller, I'm not too sure. But my feet have grown a bit. I've come to acquire quite a few long skirts and two maxi dresses and now even own my own pair of boots. I haven't been reading much unfortunately. I've started watching J and Kdramas. I've come to adore Marina and the Diamonds' music. My dream to visit New York still exists. My chickens are six years and six months old MashAllah. And idk, I've even had some fall in love with me (or so they say).

Okay, I don't really know what to say anymore. I should pray Isha and then try and get some work done before sleeping.


The Golden Eagle said...

Good to see a blog post from you again. It sounds like you've had an exciting year and a half! :)

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