Sunday, November 23, 2014

So the last time I posted on this blog was TWO years ago.

Update since then:

Started the year off with a three week trip to the US and Canada. Went with the sister, no parents! Visited LA (for Disneyland haha), then New Orleans and Toronto. Started a new job as a maths tutor for primary and secondary school kids. Also started 2nd year uni. First semester was stressful because I was procrastinating too much. Left my job in retail (well I never gave them an official resignation... more like I took an extended leave and didn't return haha). Second semester was awesome because I studied abroad in Boston. And yes, I VISITED NYC. Lived in the Big Apple for a total of a month. Also visited Philly, DC and small places up in New Hampshire. Met and became friends with so may lovely people!

Third year uni woo! First semester was alright... really felt like I can be an actual engineer, ya know. Worked on the Solar Car project. Second semester was waaaaaaay more busy and hardcore. I really threw myself into my studies. Did Design Factory. Loved it! This semester was mad hectic but I really enjoyed it. Have also been applying for jobs now, so that I can get work experience. Let's see what happens these holidays, InshaAllah whatever happens is for the best!

Still not married or engaged or anything like that btw lol


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