Thursday, May 26, 2011
Wow, the last time I actually posted something was in January. It's amazing how time goes by so fast. Last week seems like a few days ago and last month seems like only a few weekes ago (which technicially it is). Since then, how have I changed? Well, I know I've learnt how to manage time better (a little less procrastinating, ha). I've learnt that sometimes you can't care too much about something and have to let things/events run their course. However, lately I've paid more attention to what it means to be a Muslim. I don't know if I've said this before, but I am a Muslim. I wear the scarf and try to practice my faith as best as I can. And then I saw this:
I found this image on a friend's tumblr. She was responding to another person who expressed their opinion that the woman on the right is forced and oppressed into covering herself. She answered it pretty well, and I'd just like to give my two cents on this image.

Firstly, yes, it might be true that women in certain countries are legally required to wear the niqab (covering of the whole body). It is those government's interpretation of Islam which results in women having to cover themselves. However, in the large majority of the world, it is the woman's choice to cover up. And by doing so, they are actually liberating themselves from trying to accomplish the expectations which society imposes upon women (especially young women). The woman on the left, who would be objectified by men and other women, would try to keep up with what is expected by her (mostly a focus on outward appearances), conscious or subconsciously (a great job on behalf of the media *sarcasm*). No, I'm not blaming her or viewing her as weak. It's what her culture is, you can say in a way. On the other hand is the woman on the right, although a prejudice could be formed by others regarding her appearance, she would not be objectified, but rather seen as a woman. Seriously, I don't know anyone who would say she's a 'hot babe' or a 'fit bird', because her physical beauty/appearance cannot be seen. To properly judge her, one would need to approach her (I'm aware that people would be wary), speak to her and know her.

Haha, I'm not brainwashed. I know this is a bit confrontational. But this image is popping up everywhere in t-land, and its seriously bothering me that people are forming judgements without seeing both sides. Duh, everyone is entitled to an opinion, but as members of society who have access to information (hello Internet), an unbiased as possible (no one can really be free of bias, can they?) view should be formed.

I'm really rambling now and I'm super tired.

If anyone still reads this blog, or comes across this, I'm very interested to know what you think, and why regarding the image posted :)


The Golden Eagle said...

I agree, that with so much access to information, people shouldn't be making decisions without considering the other side of the argument.

Regarding the image, I think that it represents two sides of two different cultures, and prejudice. Both women are looking at the other and judging, not based on what they know about the other person, but only on what they see.

In my opinion, you should get to know someone before you decide what kind of person they are, and what to think about them.

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