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Saturday, January 15, 2011
Bejeezles, I am neglecting this blog. I want to blog in dot-point form.

  • Well, so far, the weather's been tres horrible because it's been very muggy and rainy for the past three days. Only today there seemed to be a bit of sunshine.
  • Meh, what do I say here....
  • I've been reading Pride & Prejudice a while now, for school. But prior to reading, I watched the movie (2005 version). The mother, Mrs. Bennett seems to remind me of I mothers. Desi means someone who is of Indian/Pakistani/Bangladeshi/maybe Sri Lankan descent. Anyways, Desi mothers on a genreal want their daughters to be married before the age of 25 (there are exceptions). Mrs. Bennett's matching making was just simply hilarious to me (although she did have good intentions)
  • The floods in Queensland are receiving a lot of coverage (like, maybe 50%, yeah, I'm exaggeration, but it is a lot, especially on Channel Nine).
  • The floods in Queensland are giving me thoughts about Judgement Day.
  • My coursework for the final year of school is freaking me out fantastically. 
  • I've got a giveaway on my book blog until 31/01/11, international and you don't need to be a follower of any blog *hello passerby!* Heyah iz da lynk
  • I am listening to HP7. It's taken me six weeks to get upto the part where Harry, Ron and Hermione break into Gringgots.
  • When I read HP& the first time (when it was released) I didn't cry/feel too sad about Dobby. Dunno WHAT I was reading (probably skimming through to get to the end, haha). But when I listened to it, I was sad and a wee bit teary.
As anyone can see, my life is quite event less and boring.  Here are two gifs in honour of Dobby (gifs are great, I just discovered what they're called). from what Dobby was, a house elf, to what Dobby is, a free house elf.


The Golden Eagle said...

I hope you get better weather! I don't like it when it's rainy muggy, either.

The Queensland flooding is making the news here in the USA, as well. And then I read about bloggers who have family and friends in the area, or who actually live in the area . . . makes it a whole lot more real.

I kind of skimmed when I first read HP, too--but then I reread it immediately after to catch all the things I'd missed.

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