Amna Nadeem

Tuesday, August 3, 2010
Dear Amna,

I remember you were in my class in grade three. We'd only known each other for one year, but in that year I had one of the best friendships ever, full of happiness, trust and giggles.
I'm not too sure, but you'd lived in Melbourne for two years until the age of 9 or 10, when you left to live in Newcastle, NSW. We even visited you once. I remember, during those two days my family and I stayed over, we made toilet paper 'patties' with glitter and 'cooked' them on your kitchen playset.
I think one of the reasons why our friendship was so good was because we spoke the same second language. We'd say something which obviously nobody else knew, thus keeping it a secret in class, then giggle at our childish jokes.
I'd really, really love to find you again and be able to speak to you. Do you remember me? Are you still in Australia?
If ever, by any chance whatsoever, you do read this after Googling your name and find this post, and want to confirm it is you, then I'll leave you with this: You were born in July (so you would've just turned 17), have a brother two years younger than you, another brother who's (I think) ten years younger then you, your mother was a doctor and the last time I saw you, you gave me my first novel/book ever: "I know what You did Last Summer" by R.L Stine (you'd won/bought that book at a school fair).

I miss you and our friendship.
I hope you know who I am ;)

Note: I'm really hoping this might help me find you and vice versa because it worked for some other blogger. Email me...?


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